10 Popular Insurance Company Logos and What Makes Them Work

by | Jun 2, 2022

Much like a business name, logo design is an essential part of any company’s branding. They are the first thing customers see, and they need to be memorable to stick in people’s minds.

Insurance company logos are some of the most iconic and recognizable logos globally. Many insurance logos have been in use for decades. They have become as much a part of their brand identity as the business name is.

But what makes them so successful?

In this article, we take a look at 10 famous logos that represent insurance companies and explore the elements that make them work for their target audience.

What Should the Perfect Insurance Logo Communicate?

For many potential customers, spending money is about making the right choices. Naturally, we want to get the most bang for our buck, whether we’re buying a new car or looking for home insurance. So it’s no surprise that we often base our purchasing decisions on the reputation of a business.

But what about their logo? Does seeing a specific logo make you more likely to spend money with that business vs. other companies?

Some experts say that a company’s logo can have a subtle but powerful effect on our spending habits. For example, studies have shown that we are more likely to trust businesses with simple, easy-to-read logos. On the other hand, companies with complex or confusing logos may give us the impression that their products are just as complicated. We may also be more likely to spend money with companies whose logos evoke positive emotions like happiness or excitement.

The first thing you need to understand is the overall goal of an insurance logo. Insurance logo designs aim to promote trust and reliability in their services.


One of the most important things that insurance logos need to communicate is trustworthiness. After all, people entrust their hard-earned money to the insurance business, so it’s vital that they feel like people can trust them.

This is often conveyed through traditional colors like blue and red and the use of strong, simple shapes. The insurance logos on this list all do a great job of giving a sense of trustworthiness.


Another important thing businesses can communicate to clients by choosing the right insurance logo is stability. This is especially important for businesses that offer life insurance services. People need to know that their money will be safe for years to come.

Again, this is often conveyed through traditional colors like blue and red and the use of strong, simple shapes. All of the insurance logos on this list effectively communicate a sense of stability.


Finally, insurance logos need a memorable custom logo. A logo should be simple enough that even a child can draw the insurance logo image. This is because people need to remember the insurance company’s name and logo when they see it to be effective.


Now that we’ve gone over what makes a great insurance logo let’s look at 10 of the most popular insurance company logos and see what makes a perfect logo. 

Fusion Marketing 10 Popular Insurance Company Logos and What Makes Them Work Geico


1. Geico Insurance Logo

The Geico Ins logo is simple but effective. The blue and white logo colors represent trustworthiness and dependability. The font is clean and easy to read to create a message of simplicity.

The Geico gecko has become synonymous with the company. The simple green color scheme is eye-catching against the blue and white insurance agency logo. Word on the street is that Geico decided to use a gecko as a mascot due to the constant mispronunciation of the brand. The gecko itself is cute and friendly-looking. The designer used this to create a sense of trustworthiness and approachability for the company!

Fusion Marketing 10 Popular Insurance Company Logos and What Makes Them Work State Farm


2. State Farm Insurance Logo

Like the Geico gecko, the State Farm insurance logo design is also immediately recognizable. This insurance logo is probably one of the most iconic in the industry. The three white ovals and red background are instantly identifiable, helping to create a feeling of safety and security. In addition, the red elements of the insurance logo represent strength and courage for the brand. This is likely why they have used variations of this logo for nearly 70 years!

The State Farm insurance logo uses a custom font called Mecherle, named after State Farm’s founder George Mecherle, that conveys a sense of leadership in the industry. The designer of the State Farm logo states:

“Ovals shift based on customer needs to form compositions, and the motion and sonic systems build from the ovals and bring State Farm’s sense of optimism, empathy, and community to the experience.”

Fusion Marketing 10 Popular Insurance Company Logos and What Makes Them Work Allstate


3. Allstate Insurance Logo

Allstate is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, and its recognizable logo is an integral part of its brand identity. In 1939, Allstate was the first insurance provider to tailor insurance rates for automobiles based on age, mileage, and how often the insured person used the car. This plan ended up being so popular that other agency leaders soon followed suit, leading to practices that are still in play today!

The Allstate logo features a pair of human hands in a reassuring gesture, with the Allstate name prominently displayed below or beside the hands. The upward-facing hands convey a message of quality support and protection, indicating that Allstate is there to help clients in times of need. In addition, the use of blue in the logo and the straightforward sans serif font imply trustworthiness and reliability, two essential qualities for an insurance business.

With its straightforward and practical design, the Allstate logo has become one of the most recognizable logos in the insurance industry. Boasting 20 million customers, Allstate is the second-largest company of its kind in America! 

Fusion Marketing 10 Popular Insurance Company Logos and What Makes Them Work Progressive

4. Progressive Insurance Logo

The Progressive insurance logo is a simple wordmark in a blue italicized typography. The blue color represents trust and reliability, while the italicized font helps to create a sense of forwarding motion and progress.

Simple but effective, the Progressive logo is easily recognizable and conveys a message of dependability in their service.

Fusion Marketing 10 Popular Insurance Company Logos and What Makes Them Work Nationwide

5. Nationwide Insurance Logo

The Nationwide insurance logo is strikingly different in style from the classic wordmark insurance logo. In 2014, Nationwide brought back a version of a 1955 logo that showcases a white eagle flying over a blue N after discovering that 16 years after dropping it from their brand identity, people still associated Nationwide with the eagle!

Eagles are symbols of strength, courage, and freedom, while the blue N implies trustworthiness and reliability. In addition, the simple design elements of the logo are easy to remember, making it an effective tool for the company’s branding.

Fusion Marketing 10 Popular Insurance Company Logos and What Makes Them Work Liberty Mutual

6. Liberty Mutual Insurance Logo

The Liberty Mutual insurance company logo stands out on the list. This insurance logo is a graphic of the statue of liberty in blue and white with “Liberty Mutual” in a simple font in gray to the right.

The blue, white, and gray represent professionalism, authority, and expertise. At the same time, the statue of liberty is an instantly recognizable sign of freedom that helps make clients pay attention to the brand.

Fusion Marketing 10 Popular Insurance Company Logos and What Makes Them Work USAA

7. USAA Insurance Logo

USAA has always had the same unique insurance logo. Four blue lines form an eagle with USAA written underneath the graphic. Some people believe the emblem used by USAA is a phoenix. Still, it would make more sense as an eagle because of USAA’s history with the armed forces. 

The blue color of the USAA insurance logo represents trust, while the eagle conveys reliability and trustworthiness. The simple design makes the logo easy to remember, and USAA has used it since its inception in 1922!

Fusion Marketing 10 Popular Insurance Company Logos and What Makes Them Work Farmers

8. Farmers Insurance Logo

The Farmers insurance logo is a red shield backed by a white starburst image on a blue half circle background. Underneath the design, Farmers Insurance is printed in blue and red.

The red color in the Farmers insurance logo represents strength and courage, while the blue implies trustworthiness and reliability. The starburst design conveys a sense of energy and movement, representing the company’s forward-thinking attitude.

The chief marketing officer of Farmers Insurance has said that the shield and sun design is meant to show that Farmers can safeguard its customers daily. 

Fusion Marketing 10 Popular Insurance Company Logos and What Makes Them Work Traverlers

9. Travelers Insurance Logo

The Travelers insurance company logo is a simple red umbrella. They have been using variations of this logo since 1974.

The red color of the Travelers insurance logo represents strength and courage, while the umbrella is a symbol of protection. The simple design makes the logo easy to remember. Its long history gives it a sense of tradition and stability.

Fusion Marketing 10 Popular Insurance Company Logos and What Makes Them Work Hartford

10. The Hartford Insurance Logo

The Hartford insurance company logo is a red stag. Unfortunately, nobody can account exactly when the Hartford logo originated, although the earliest evidence is dated 1861.

According to 1000logos.com, there is a particular reason that The Hartford uses a stag fording a stream as their logo.

“There is another word for a stag ‒ a hunting term “hart,” which was widely used in the Middle Ages. The word “Hartford” itself means a ford where harts cross a stream. It seemed a proper symbol for the company named “Hartford” that wanted to show respect for nature.”

What Makes a Successful Insurance Logo

When it comes to insurance logos, simplicity is critical. All of the top-performing insurance agency logos are easy to remember and convey a message of trust and reliability.

Colors such as blue and red often represent strength, courage, and security. Fonts are usually kept clean and easy to read. Additionally, iconic symbols such as eagles, stars, and umbrellas are commonly featured in insurance logos to represent protection and power.

Ultimately, an effective insurance logo should be memorable and convey a message of strength and security.

Can We Design Our Own Logo for Free

There are many options out there for free insurance logo design. You can look up a free logo maker and use an insurance logo template to create your own design. Various insurance logo maker options online can create a logo for you based on your business and the colors, symbols, and fonts you choose.

The downside to designing your own logo with an insurance logo maker is that you may not end up with a professional-looking design. You also may not be able to download insurance logo vectors with a free logo design. Vectors are files available to download and save of your design. These files are needed to ensure your logo looks as good shrunken for business cards as it does blown up larger for store signage. Without vector files, fonts may look pixelated, and pictures may look blurry.

If you want to ensure that your logo looks its best, hiring a professional graphic designer to create a custom logo may be worth it.

Fusion Marketing Has Been Designing Logos Since 2013

A well-designed logo is essential for building a successful brand for your business. Therefore, it’s worth creating a logo that you’re happy with and that accurately represents your business.

If you decide to go the DIY route with a free logo maker, check out our list of dos and don’ts for designing a logo. And if you need any help along the way, our team of professional graphic designers would be happy to assist you.

Fusion Marketing can help any large or small business customize effective insurance logo designs that convey a message of strength and security. Our team of experienced designers will work with you to create a logo that is easy to remember and represents the style and values of your company.

We are a full-service printing and marketing firm, which means we aim to provide as many services as possible under one roof! You’ve come to the right place, be it printing business cards, designing a website, or even social media management. We’ve got you covered!

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