As small businesses across the country prepare for re-opening, it’s become important to take a proactive approach to compliance and ensuring that both your customers and staff members are protected from the COVID-19 virus. To do this effectively it’s important to rely on clear and concise signage to help direct both customers and employees on the right actions to take in various circumstances.

Fusion Marketing is a Michigan-based creative agency that has recently launched a COVID-19 compliance store. Our goal is to use our design knowledge and experience to create signage solutions for a variety of businesses that are looking to follow workplace guidance and strategies to prevent and reduce transmission of COVID-19. With our products, we hope that offices, retail stores, restaurants, schools, and other workplaces can stay informed about safety guidance while maintaining healthy business operations and safe working environments.


Preventing and reducing transmission in a small business

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released various guidelines on how small businesses can prevent and reduce transmission among employees. These can be viewed in full on their Guidance for Businesses and Employers Responding to Coronavirus Disease article which explains all recent changes and the role of businesses and employers in responding to COVID-19.

One of the most important steps to take when opening your small business again is to prepare suitable signage for a variety of different situations. Whether you’re opening an office again, a retail store, restaurant, school, or any other kind of workplace, every industry is responsible for preventing and reducing the potential transmission of COVID-19 by both employees and customers. 

In order to do this effectively, it’s important to inform both employees and customers about transmission risks and to remind them constantly about safe practices to establish in the workplace. With clear and concise COVID-19 signage solutions, you can help communicate this guidance and keep everyone in your business safe.

As guidelines and compliance requirements can change on a day-to-day basis, it’s important to stay updated by checking the CDC COVID-19 website.


Office solutions

To assist your office workers with a safe return to work, it’s important to clearly communicate COVID-19 compliance throughout your workplace so that everyone clearly understands the rules that are in place and why they’re important.

Offices can vary drastically in size. Some offices are relatively small and only house a few employees, while other offices could be spread across multiple floors with stairwells and elevators. It’s important to pick the right compliance products to suit your needs.

Social distancing in tight office spaces

Social distancing, also known as physical distancing, involves keeping a safe space between employees and customers to prevent the potential transmission of COVID-19. This is much easier to practice in large open spaces due to the amount of room available. However, some offices are designed to fit as many workers as possible with the least amount of floor space to maximize efficiency. Sadly, this can make it difficult to maintain social distancing rules while still being productive.

Fusion Marketing offers a variety of products to help businesses educate their employees about social distancing with visual signage and products.

Floor Graphic 12 X 12 Keep A Safe Distance 6′ arrow Blue

One of the most helpful products to have is a floor graphic that clearly states the distance required for social distancing. This floor graphic encourages people to follow social distancing guidelines and can easily be placed on a variety of floor surfaces and easily removed without leaving any residue or staining. It’s ideal for indoor use and is best applied to a clean, dry, and untextured floor.

This product can be used anywhere in the office but works best in areas where you can expect heavy foot traffic. It can also be used to visually show the space that there should be between employees. You can also purchase this in three other colors if you need a bit of variety.

Floor Graphic 12 X 12 Keep A Safe Distance Maintain 6′ distancing Blue

In addition to the square variety, Fusion Marketing also offers a circle design. These are made from the same durable material, can easily be removed and, encourages social distancing. Some offices might find that a circle design is preferable to a square design. These also come in a variety of colors.

The large footprints are a clear indicator of where someone should stand. This can easily remind people that they should be social distancing. If spaced at exact distances of 6 ft, you can use these in areas where you can expect a line to form, such as in a cafeteria.

Office Poster 18 X 12 only 2 people per elevator

Another common area where social distancing becomes difficult is elevators. Elevators are designed to fit as many people as possible while still following weight safety concerns. Typically, elevators aren’t large enough to fit multiple people while maintaining social distancing, hence why it’s important to remind your staff with these helpful office posters.

These posters should ideally be placed both inside and outside of elevators in your office building. It clearly states that there can only be two people in an elevator at a time, and it also suggests that both people stand at opposite sides of the elevator to maintain social distancing.

Office Sticker 18 X 24 Help prevent the spread simple steps

Office stickers are great for reminding your employees about their duties in preventing the spread of COVID-19. This sticker uses clear colors, is concise with its message, and has simple graphics that illustrate those steps.

These stickers contain a lot of general tips such as washing hands, wearing face coverings, and also staying home if you feel sick. Because of this, there’s no single location where we would suggest placing these. Instead, you can stick these anywhere where it makes sense. For example, they can be placed on the desks of your employees, or they can be stuck to walls where you can expect a lot of foot traffic.

Educating employees on COVID-19 transmission

It’s important to keep employees educated about COVID-19 transmission and the small things they can do to help stop it from spreading throughout the office. Constant reminders are a great way to ensure that your staff learn these rules and understand their importance.

This is why having posters and stickers around the office is a great idea for both small and large office workplaces.

Retail solutions

Unlike offices, retail stores get a mix of both employees and customers on a regular basis. While your regulars will be happy that your store is opening again, it’s important that you educate them on safe practices during COVID-19. This can be achieved by having clear posters and stickers around your retail store.

However, you also can’t forget that your employees also need to be reminded about measures expected of them. To help you out, Fusion Marketing offers a variety of retail solutions to help direct customers safely around your premises.

Letting your customers know that you’re open

It’s a good idea to clearly communicate that your retail store is open for business. It’s also a good idea to include some basic information, such as letting your customers know that your opening times have changed or that you’re offering curbside pickup services.

Displaying your expectations of customers

You should also expect your customers to follow the rules to reduce the likelihood of transmission within your store. There are a couple of products that can help you do this.

Poster 24 X 18 Open Now Limited Customers Please wait here

This is a simple and effective poster that you can place on the inside of your display window or the entrances to your store. It clearly communicates that your store is open but that you’re only letting a limited number of customers inside. It also clearly states that you may ask customers to wait outside as you wait for people in the store to leave.

These are large posters that are extremely effective at controlling the flow of customers coming into your store and are highly recommended for all types of businesses, especially if there’s limited space in your store.

Sticker 18 X 24 Left Arrow Online Orders and Curbside Pickup

If you’ve established an online order or curbside pickup process then you’ll want to have a few of these stickers to help guide your customers around the store so that they can safely pick up their order. A lot of retail stores have adopted a pickup service that makes it convenient and safe for both employees and customers. Communicating this change with a sticker will help make things easier for everyone.


 Office Sticker 18 X 24 Face Coverings required at all times

All retail stores should require customers to wear face coverings at all times. This sign clearly shows what you expect of customers with bold text and a simple graphic that is easy to understand. It’s a great addition to your store’s signage and will communicate what you expect of every customer that enters your store. A no mask no entry sign is a simple addition to any retail store that will keep both employees and customers safe from potentially being infected.

Office Sticker 18 X 12 Employee Only Beyond this Point

If you’ve separated your store into sections for customers and employees, then you’ll want to have a couple of these Employees Only stickers to help you communicate any layout changes you’ve made.

Restaurant solutions

Restaurants are one of the more difficult types of businesses to protect because customers can’t wear face coverings while eating. A solution to this is pickup services or to encourage social distancing between tables so that customers can safely and comfortably enjoy their meal.

Closing tables to enable social distancing

One of the most common measures that restaurants are taking is to close off certain tables to ensure that social distancing can be practiced. There are a number of products that can be placed on tables to let customers know that they’re not in use without having to use tape or other unsightly items to block off seats.

Educating employees on safety measures and practices

We also suggest using our products to help educate your staff on proper practices that are expected of them in order to reduce the possibility of transmission in your restaurant.

8.5×11 Poster This Table is Closed Due to Social Distancing

This two-way sticker clearly communicates that the table it’s placed on is not being used. These graphics are simple to remove and they don’t leave behind any kind of residue, making them safe to use on a variety of different surfaces. Fusion Marketing offers many different varieties of table stickers and posters that inform customers that a table isn’t being used, so we recommend checking out our range of products to find something that is suitable for your needs.

Office Poster 12 X 18 Please wash your hands before returning to work

Restaurants are particularly susceptible to spreading COVID-19 because customers and staff need to occasionally break social distancing rules in order to provide a service. For example, staff may be required to walk close to a customer’s table in order to serve their food, and cooks need to be within close quarters if the kitchen is small.

As such, it’s important to have a hand sanitizer poster to remind your staff that they should be washing their hands after a break or between shifts. This will help ensure that their hands are clean and free of the virus, especially if they’ve just come from home or another store.

School solutions

Schools can be particularly worrying when it comes to COVID-19 transmission due to how close students and faculty members need to be. A class is usually designed to hold a certain number of students, so social distancing rules typically can’t be followed. Instead, schools have started using screens on individual desks to separate students or online lessons instead.

Reminding students and faculty members of basic safety measures

Students, especially young children, may forget some of the important safety measures that need to be taken. Fusion Marketing offers a number of helpful products to help you remind both faculty members and students in your school.

8.5×11 Poster Please Use Hand Sanitizer

A “sanitize your hands” poster is one of the most helpful signs to have around the school. Whether it’s sanitizing before entering a classroom or placing them near the cafeteria, it’ll help you remind both students and faculty members of the importance of sanitizing their hands. These should be placed above sanitizing stations, but we also offer general hand sanitizer posters that can be placed anywhere.

9×12 Poster Wear Your Mask Boy

Colorful characters and graphics are typically easier for children to understand. They fit the school environment better and will remind your students of good habits such as wearing a face mask at all times in the school. They’re a little easier on the eyes compared to a no mask no entry sign and can be placed in all classrooms as a constant reminder.

Fusion Marketing also offers different messages with the same character, such as reminders to cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing. These are offered in alternate designs with a female character instead and also in Spanish.

9×12 Vinyl Graphic Welcome Back Mask

Some schools may find it more suitable to use a colorful poster with a school-inspired design to remind students of safe practices such as wearing a mask. This is a great option to place at the front of a school or in classrooms next to other notices.

CDC solutions

We also offer a variety of basic CDC solutions that can be placed anywhere.

17×24 CDC Poster Help Protect Yourself and Others from COVID-19

Our CDC posters are made to help remind employees and customers about basic COVID-19 safety measures. These can be placed around office buildings and in-store windows to help remind people of important practices that we should all be developing.

11×17 CDC Poster Keep Calm Wash Your Hands

This Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands poster is inspired by the motivational poster used by the British government in 1939 in preparation for World War II. It has an iconic phrase and design which makes it easy to remember. It can be placed anywhere around your business, making it extremely versatile.

8.5×11 CDC Poster What Your Test Results Mean

Some small businesses may find it helpful to have more detailed information about COVID-19 and related safety measures. This poster explains more about test results and what to do in the event that you test positive for COVID-19. It can be helpful to put this information in break rooms or on a general message board that is seen by many people. This will educate them on the right steps to take if they test positive and it can be life-saving information that also prevents the spread of the virus.

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