Non-Political Marketing Ideas for Inauguration Day – January 20th

by | Dec 27, 2021

There are plenty of non-political marketing ideas that you could use to capitalize on the presidential inauguration day holiday for businesses. Whether you own a clothing store, a hotel, or a restaurant, there are plenty of creative ways to market your business on January 20th.

Here are a few non-political marketing ideas to get your business started:

  • One of the best ways to capitalize on inauguration day for your business is to create a special sale event that will lure customers into your store. Whether it’s 10% off all US-made products or $1 coffee drinks, you’ll be able to get tons of business just by creating and offering specials. If possible, try releasing these promotions earlier so customers can plan ahead, allowing both your business and the customer to benefit from your inauguration day marketing strategy.
  • For great publicity, businesses can give away freebies to gain more customers. This could be anything from a small trinket like a keychain, pen, or other promotional products with your own business logo emblazoned on it to a more substantial item like a free meal. This will generate buzz and provide advertisements for your business to attract customers in your target audience. If you’re feeling really generous, you could even continue offering a discount on future purchases from customers that participated in the inauguration sale event.
  • Create and promote a special inauguration day deal, themed menu, or cocktail list to create buzz for your bar or restaurant and get people excited on this historic day. For example, this could be something as simple as discounted appetizers or a free drink with the purchase of an entrée.
  • Consider hosting a special event for your business on January 20th, such as a comedy show, a music concert, or other live events to relieve social tensions and bring the local community together on this big day. The perfect way to promote events that draw people to your business who may not know about your company is to live stream the event to social media. If you can’t broadcast live, you may want to consider posting clips of the event to social media after the stream has ended. You may want to partner with other local businesses for the event. The more local businesses that participate, the better the odds of a large audience that will build buzz for future events. Events hosted in partnership with other businesses are more likely to gain media attention.
  • Create a special sale event or promotion at your establishment for inauguration day if your business is in the hotel industry. For example, you could offer discounts on room rates, complimentary breakfast or dinner, or even a free night’s stay. The presidential inauguration is stressful for many people, and some would love to get away from home. If you can save customers money on something fun they are already planning to do; they are bound to appreciate your business. If the staycation is just the fun they need in their lives, customers will think of your company first for future events.
  • Set up a unique display at your business commemorating inauguration day in the retail industry. This could be anything from mannequins dressed in patriotic clothing brands to photos of past presidents hanging in the window. (make sure you are creating a display that is politically non-biased to keep everything running smoothly!) Although this isn’t a sale, it will attract attention to your business during inauguration time.

We hope you enjoyed these non-political marketing ideas for your business during the presidential inauguration season. A big part of owning a business is knowing when to have a sale. The critical point that you should remember is that presidential Inauguration day is a holiday. Therefore, it’s an excellent opportunity for any business to take advantage of a sale or hold a special event.

Read this article if you need more tips or information on fun ways to market your business on presidential Inauguration day or any other holiday!

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