Just like in the case of most retail enterprises, running a Michigan beer and liquor wine store is all about giving your potential customers what they need.
But it does not stop at that; the product should be offered at a competitive price and informing them where they can easily find the product.

The home consumption market for liquor wine and beer is very competitive compared to others.
It is therefore very important to promote your business in the right way if you are looking forward to increasing your profits.

Here are the top ten ways of promoting a liquor wine and beer stores.

Analyze Your Sale Information

When analyzing the sale information for your liquor wine and beer store, you should do it alongside the demographic data for your area. This will enable you to customize your purchasing strategy to the brands that can sell in your area of operation.
For instance, if you notice that you are selling too much of cheap beer and your store is in an area full of low-income households, you should focus on buying more of these and selling them at lower price margin.
But if you are operating in a high-income neighborhood, and notice that you are selling a huge bulk of fine spirits and mid-market wines, your focus should be mainly on that.

Maintain An Online Presence

For a number of consumers, the Internet has slowly replaced the phone books of older times. Consumers looking for a liquor wine and beer store will today do it via a search engine.
These are customers that you will particularly miss if you don’t have a website. The website will offer you an inexpensive means of special deals on the kind of products that you deal with.

You should also provide your visitors with a coupon that they can sign for the monthly newsletters so that they keep in touch with you.
Focus on the various recipes of drinks that you sell, new products and discounts.


You can promote your liquor wine & beer shop by incorporating holiday themes in your marketing strategies. Remember to select important holidays like Valentine’s Day and reward discounts to couples. The windows of your store can also be decorated to reflect the holiday that is ongoing on that particular day.

Events & Special Occasions

You should advertise in the local media what your store will be able to deliver in every season of the year. You should also not forget the special occasions and other festivities that may be happening in the course of the year.
Get in touch with professionals like caterers, wedding planners, and event organizer about supplying liquor for their events.

Cooperative Advertising

Most liquor stores are located in shopping malls that are around bakeries, restaurants, and a variety of other shops. In promoting your business, you can think of first promoting these adjacent businesses by having flyers and other materials at your store. Then ask them also to promote yours in the same manner.


The other means of promoting your business is by promoting the local hometown team. This can be possible by using the colors of the team as part of your store’s décor during a playing season. Print logoed team shirts for your staff and make an effort to award a gift certificate to the winner.

Frequent Promotions

The other means of promoting your liquor wine and beer store is by holding regular promotions mainly to draw in the passing trade. For those customers who buy in bulk, you should offer them a price reduction. You can give them half the price whenever they purchase one bottle.

The cost of particular brands can also be intermittently slashed. To ensure that your customers are aware of such promotions, you should write them on window posters or signboards.

Just Buy Seasonally

There are certain beer and wine brands whose sale can account for a huge proportion of your profits at various points in time. This happens irrespective of the demographic profile of the location where you run your wine and beer store.

During the summer months, your focus should be on promoting white wine, beer and a host of other lighter drinks. Over the winter holiday season, you should push the spirits, liqueurs, and such like commodities.

Balance Your Inventory

As a general rule, you should be aware that liquor stores that sell huge quantities of beer make less profit. On the contrary, those that sell more wine make a lot of profit, and their business’ popularity spreads around. You should always focus on stocking and sell beer and wine brands that will be able to earn you margin.

Do Not Forget The Social Media

The social media is another great platform that you can use to tell people about your liquor wine and beer store. You can include beautiful images of how your revelers enjoy their time and even reward people who like or share your posts.
This is not only a means of promoting your store but also building your brand.

Liquor wine and beer business can attract a large number of customers if advertised well and promote according to what it provides.
Use the tips mentioned in this article to promote your liquor wine and beer store today.

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