Currently, an artist needs to take charge of their career as compared to previous years. Being a successful Michigan artist (whether it be a painter, sculptor, etc.) means that you should also be a savvy business person, talented and creative enough to see your craft excel. In doing so, there are various things you need to do and the strategies that you are using should keep changing as technology changes and your customer’s tastes vary. Therefore, if you are dealing with fine art as a business, you need to take advantage of all the opportunities you can to market your artwork since this is a competitive field. The following are some of the marketing strategies that you can adopt.

1. Using your portfolio

In the process of developing an active artist portfolio, you should be in a position to advance and then package your art. Your portfolio should enable you to quickly submit your art posts on your website and develop marketing material. The main thing you have to consider is the visual reproduction of your art as it is the one that will be attracting and influencing the viewer.

2. Article marketing

The strategy generates huge traffic for an artist’s website. You just need to do it consistently, and with time, you will be an expert in your field, and your clients will consider you as reliable and trustworthy. You need to get in touch with the article sites that offer expert information and source material to the people. Take advantage of these article sites and promote your work. You can also use these articles on your website.

3. Maximizing your Facebook use

Create your Facebook page for your brand; it is free. It is simple to use and will enable you to reach many people. You should begin by setting your business Facebook business page then go ahead to invite your friends and colleagues to like it and share it.

4. Email marketing

It is a growing medium that you will find useful in promoting your work. The presence of websites and programs online will enable you to get contact information of your fans which you can use to administer their email campaigns. Keep on soliciting for email addresses and make it a major part of your branding strategy. You can use this for your events, openings and promotion campaigns.

5. Networking through another artist

Go ahead and contact artists that you know, this will help you to get in touch with the artists that are already developed in the industry thus you will be able to popularize your name. Finally, you will have your brand’s name also spread.

6. Through forums

Through forum discussions, you can promote your brand. It’s another form of social networking as you come in contact with people who share the same interest. What a person writes in the forum will always be accessible online.

7. Sending out personal invitations

You can hold an exhibition and invite established artists to attend. That artist may end up telling their students or other artists who will spread the news about the existence of your events.

8. Creating videos

You can also share your content through videos. Videos are important in that it is easy to show a person how to do something than describing using words. You can upload your videos to YouTube then post them to your website. The good thing with this strategy is that you will be able to benefit from the traffics that YouTube brings. Use of videos will enable those that are searching online, more so on Youtube to find your work.

9. Get busy blogging

By blogging, you can get your artwork found by search engines that will, in turn, provide excellent content that will fuel your other social marketing activities. Apart from posting your work and new promotions, your blog can also be a place to show behind the scenes content and give your audience a glimpse at your creativity.

10. Use of slide registries

The registries will offer you a free database to register and upload your work. The site will also allow you to post your artist statement, email address, resume and a link to your website. You should go for various registries, as many as you can find because they will not only expose you but increase traffic to your site.

As an artist now you are aware of the strategies that you can employ to see that you can attract people to your artistic work. It will also make you stand competition from your competitors. Just go ahead and put these strategies in place.

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