Research has shown that less than 20% of Americans go to church. In reality, more than 80% of the Americans don’t give priority to church services on Sundays. Thom Rainer, a researcher from Southern Baptist, drives this further in his recent article where he reported that around 8,000 and 10,000 churches are more likely to close down within a year. There are so many reasons that often lead to church decline. Some people attribute to either technology or competition. Most of the Michigan churches are not using the advances in technology to reach people, while some people do other things over the weekend which they choose over going to church.

According to a recent study that was done by the Barna Group, the two primary reasons why most people do not go to church is because they find God somewhere else, or they find religion irrelevant to them. Millennials also say that they prefer not to attend church due to its hypocrisy, irrelevance and the moral decay of the church leaders. However, one important reason that tends to be overlooked is bad advertising. When you want to grow your church, there is no miracle ingredient or formula. Although salvation is free, we have to share the gospel, and this needs some effort and not complacency. The following are some of the marketing ideas you can adopt to promote and grow your church.

1. Advertise Your Church Using A Good Website

In today’s digital era, having a good church website is a necessity, not an option. 8 out of 10 people who come to your church visit the church website first before they make their decision to come. 80% of the first-time visitors will have created an impression of your church based on the few seconds of your website. Advertising your ministry with a website will provide you with an efficient platform on which you can showcase your church and create a fantastic first impression. Once you have a church website that is up and running, always ensure that you add its address to all your email signatures, letterheads, and stationery. If you also have a church building, make a sign of the building and put it up too.

2. Use The Social Media

Over 50% of your church guests, who are under the age of 40 will often check out the reputation of your church through their friends on the social media. As a pastor, focusing some efforts on either one or two social media platforms can readily increase the reach of your church. If you are targeting young people and professionals, a Facebook page will be more useful. A church Facebook page will enable you to share photos, keep the people informed on any upcoming events, and it will also create a sense of community.

3. Use Promo Flyers To Advertise Your Church

Promo Flyers are less technological, but it can also be an effective way of getting the word out. Whether you are planning a music community class, hosting a guest evangelist or inviting people to your morning service on Sunday, your flyers should have one particular message.

4. Create A Church Blog

You can come up with a blog and update it at least once a week. You can also include stories in your blog and also start a blog talk show.

5. Church Bulletins

Design some newsletters with some spiritual nuggets customized by you. You can make the newsletter a keeper and also a motivational tool that will be used to share with non-members.

6. Brand Your Sermons

You can brand your preachings using CD covers, postcards or banners throughout your church, and also create a Facebook cover to enable your members to promote on their Facebook pages too.

7. Using Email Newsletters

A good way to keep in touch with most of your members if not all is through emails. Everyone has an email, and most likely they check it on a daily basis. You can effectively promote your church by sending emails with eye -catching and inspirational subjects.

8. Market Yourself

Giving the people a reason to come your church is just half the battle. Ensure to make the most of the holidays such as Easter, Christmas and any other events that will give you a good excuse to invite people to your church.

9. Running Evangelistic Courses

Christianity courses are the most effective ways through which many people build faith in Christ and also come to church, but the success of the church depends on the energy of evangelism of the entire church.

10. Pray

Wherever there is church growth, a solid foundation in prayer behind the programs and strategies must be evident. You need to acknowledge how little you can achieve without the blessings of God and this will bring forth the fruit.

In conclusion, you can start doing just about everything listed above today to promote your Michigan church. If you’re a small church with a limited budget, don’t be intimidated by these ideas because you are competing against some national ad agencies to get the attention of the local consumers. You should not be afraid since what you are selling out is the actual answer to many people’s lives and that is the real difference.

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