New businesses are popping up each day. Therefore you should come up with the means to promote your new Michigan business to cope with the pressure in the market. There are various strategies that an entrepreneur should adopt to market the new business to prospective clients. The various steps you take depends on the nature and size of the business, with some niches requiring more effort than others. No matter what specific business you are involved with, you need to make use of all the possible opportunities you can to be sure your business stays in business. The following are some general marketing ideas that most any new business can utilize.

1. Embrace social media

Nowadays social media is not just for socializing, but it has become a suitable platform where the business makes their advertisement. You can promote your business by tie-in ads and offers on the Facebook page of your business and also have a direct channel with your customers on Twitter. Go ahead and network on sites like LinkedIn both at personal and business level as long as you can reach your customers.

2. Start a blog

A blog will enable you to reach your consumers each day and also help the name of your business to spread among your followers. The important thing you should ensure is to keep your community of readers updated with current information as frequently as possible. This is because when your blog is dormant, it will not positively contribute to your business.

3. Use integrated marketing

You should not just use a single strategy to market your business. Try as much as possible to vary the tactics you are employing according to the general situations that are surrounding the business. For instance, if you keep on using the same strategy, your customers are likely to get bored with time, so you have to think of different ways to communicate with your potential customers like using social media, leaflets, sales letters among others.

4. Use mail-outs

Get a professional-looking printed up and make sure you enclose in it all your outgoing mail. It will help you to save on postage, and potential customers will have something tangible they will refer to in future.

5. Use buddy marketing

Buddy marketing strategy is where you join up with another business or businesses, and you pool your resources to promote your businesses together. Buddy marketing is a great strategy to reach many potential customers. For instance, when you send out brochures, you can include a business card of another business. This will give you the chance to reach a great new pool of potential customers.

6. Give out freebies

Most businesses promote their business by giving out free items as long as certain conditions are met. People will always accept free things. Thus you can employ this strategy as it will quickly work. For instance, you can say that if a person purchases a given quantity of goods that amount to a particular figure of money then they will get a free present lets say a t-shirt. People will be attracted to your business to take advantage of such limited opportunities. Besides using freebies to promote your business, you can also use them as regular customer awards.

7. Giving a seminar or presentation

Using workshop or presentation will vary according to the nature of the product of the business. But this strategy is a powerful tool especially for products that require demonstration on how to use them. People who attend the seminar will go out and pass the information to their relatives and friends about your product thus widening your market coverage.

8. Newspapers

Newspapers are good places to put your business promotion article. People read newspapers on a daily basis, therefore if you keep on presenting your business article there, the chances are that you will keep on reaching new customers on a regular basis. Reach the local editor of your local newspaper and have your story presented.

9. Use Google services

In this error where most people get information through the internet, businesses also take this opportunity to promote themselves. What you should do is to register your business with Google services, this will allow your business to show up quickly on google searches. All you have to do is fill out the form and register then your business will be verified, and everything will be ok.

10. Press releases

Every time you feel that your business has done something that is newsworthy, do not hesitate but just write a press release and give it to the media houses. It will generate publicity which markets the name of your business.

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