A food truck is a great business concept. In fact, the food industry is among one of the few Michigan businesses that don’t get affected during tough economic times because people still have to eat no matter the financial situation. So no matter your reason for setting up a food truck, you know you have the potential to attract all your passersby.

You may not be the first one to start a food truck in Wayne or Macomb County. You know you will be facing fierce competition not only from other food trucks but also from restaurants around the Greater Detroit area. To be relevant, you have to up your game and be creative regarding the food service and marketing. Otherwise, good food only won’t do the magic.

A marketing plan can work well to attract and retain customers for your food truck. It is also necessary for the growth of your business. In addition to your efforts, technology makes the work not only more comfortable but also less expensive and time-saving.

We understand it may be difficult especially if you are new to the food truck business.
But worry not, we have prepared some techniques that come in handy when promoting your food truck business.


Train your employees
Before you even get started, it’s essential to ensure that your employees offer exquisite services. Otherwise, your marketing efforts will bear no fruits. Train them on how to give excellent services through personal selling. This also entails selling outside the truck. Make courteousness a value when looking for employees. Arm them with all the materials and knowledge they need when engaging customers and most importantly, teach them how to smile.

Social media
There are so many apps you can use to your advantage. You can even delegate a department especially because it requires time and effort posting and engaging customers online. Make use of apps like Instagram and Twitter to market your recipes. Create accounts in one name (hope you have a brand name) and integrate all your accounts to reach different followers.

Use visuals to market your food
Use visuals to represent yourself (people don’t like reading). Post photos of your different food on Facebook, snapchat, Instagram and all your accounts regularly. Ensure your photo qualities are high. Users on Instagram understand the effectiveness of this technique. That’s why we mentioned earlier that if it’s possible, hire a professional.

Use additional apps that might help in social media marketing
Besides the social media apps themselves, dig deeper, and you will discover apps such as the HootSuite that make it easy for you to track conversations concerning your food truck. This gives you the chance to jump right in and market yourself.

Respond to negative comments politely
You will find out that not every conversation on Twitter or Facebook is positive. So what do you do? You should never ignore. The best thing is to engage the complainant by apologizing regardless, saying you are investigating the matter and offering with suggestions to make up to the mistake.

Share the positives
In case you are lucky to find positive posts about you, take full advantage by sharing. It may not even be related to customers. A news outlet may have mentioned you in an informative piece. Share the news.

Hand out business cards and food menus
The social media may be the easy part; the harder part comes when you have to engage in face to face networking. It’s very effective because people take face to face conversation seriously. Your aim here is to market and hand out business cards and food menus personally. Apart from being tedious, it’s a cost-effective method of marketing your mobile food business.

Get involved in local events
Take advantage of local events and get involved. This is the best way to create a local customer base. Your truck may not necessarily be there, but your presence signifies you care about the happenings in the area.it may not even be related to your business. However, be careful not to delve too much into religion and politics.

Reach out to food bloggers
Even after regularly posting on social media, it still might be hard to generate hype about your business. That’s where publicist come in. It might not necessarily be a celebrity; a blogger can do the job well for you. Invite them to your truck, offer a free meal or appetisers and ask politely if they would consider mentioning you and sharing their experience in their next blog post.

The thing with bloggers and celebrities is that they have significant followings. They quickly raise attention because of their vast influence.

Last but not least is offering discounts. When done well it can be a significant boost to your food truck business. It may come in the form of coupons. A free dish to new newsletter subscribers surely couldn’t pull down your business.

The majority of these techniques all sum up to one thing - top quality customer service. Neither can work if your staff is rude and unfriendly. Finding the right people for this job is the best thing you could do for your Michigan business.
Remember, the small things like making eye contact, not crossing your arms and smiling are what make Metro Detroit area customers come back.

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