With more and more people drawn towards having a bronzy tanned complexion, tanning salons have gained popularity as clients can achieve a tanned skin without the need of being exposed to direct sunlight.

This also means that there is a lot of competition in the industry which calls for implementation of aggressive and effective marketing strategies for a business to stay afloat.

As a Michigan tanning salon owner, your main goal would be to keep your current client base happy while attracting new ones.

Key points to achieving this include:

• Hire qualified professionals
By hiring staff that has done a course in any sector of the beauty industry ensures you will have employees whose long-term goals may align with that of your salon and they are not just there for the pay. Train them to be knowledgeable about your services and products, and most importantly they should be enthusiastic and engaging with the clients. Good customer care skills are very valuable in maintaining your current client base and have proven to result in positive feedback and referrals from patrons.

• Location, location, location
Patrons who frequent tanning salons tend to be very conscious about image. In order to attract this market, your salon should be located in a prime area, be aesthetically pleasing regarding décor and finishing as well as uphold high standards of cleanliness. You are unlikely to get repeat business in a drab, poor and generally unsanitary location. Above all, it should be easily accessible.

• Diversify in products and services
Alongside a tanning salon, you can offer other services like manicures and pedicures have a wide selection of accessories, beauty and skin care products, beachwear, etc. This will maximise your space as well as revenue potential.

• Take part in local fairs
These include wedding fairs, beauty contests, and the likes. Most people taking part in such events will most likely be interested in what you have to offer. Having a stand will allow you market yourself to a larger pool of potential clients while networking with other businesses complimentary to yours that may lead to prospects.

• Offer incentives to regular clients.
These could be in the form of giveaway gift hampers, their favorite beauty product for free or free tanning sessions as appreciation. Encouraging them to bring along a friend or family for a free trial session could also drive traffic to your tanning salon. Offer new clients gift bags with samples of products you stock on. This will allow them test for free, and if they like them, they’ll come back as purchasing clients.

• Encourage repeat business
You can do this by offering better packages with discounts and promote these in place of one-off sessions. More people will be attracted to the discounts they receive by subscribing to a package and thus drumming up repeat clientele for your tanning salon. You could also offer a loyalty program where regular patrons earn a free session of an expensive service or product after x number of visits.

• Digital marketing
Take your business to the various online platforms available, from Facebook, twitter as well as creating your own website. Be sure to create a portfolio with before and after pictures of tanning sessions and update them on your online platforms. These need to be with the consent of the featured clients. Encourage clients to reach out through social media and to feel free to post feedback on the quality of services they received. You are likely to receive more traffic with an engaging social media presence as well as with positive reviews.

• Be on the lookout for emerging trends in the market.
This can be regarding technological advancement in tanning equipment, products and so forth. Being able to be in the know and among the first to implement and capitalize on these will put you a step forward in the competition.

• Maintain your equipment
Have them cleaned, checked and maintained by qualified personnel regularly to ensure they are in a good working condition. Taking good care of your tanning beds and other equipment will keep them serving you longer.

• Never talk negatively about a client’s appearance
This qualifies as body shaming and will cost you, clients. Whether in private or public, be respectful of your clients’ privacy. People tend to be very critical about their appearance generally, and word of mouth travels really fast. Avoid being too familiar with clients, professionalism is key.

With more Michigan tanning salons going into business, you need to stay updated and keep up with the various trends affecting your industry for you to remain relevant in the market. Remember that the customer is always right. Whichever promotional strategy you implement should be geared towards maintaining your clientele as well as getting new ones through your door.

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