If you are in the Metro Detroit area and your business is in Marine Services, whether it’s sales or repair you are in luck. Beacuse here in Michigan we have the most boats docked per capita, plus Michigan is literally called the Great Lakes State. This means people are buying new and used boats to take full advantage of our beautiful waterways that are in our backyard.

With the amount of boating going on why not be the leader in the marine service/sales industry. That goal is easier to obtain than you think. Every boat that hits the water needs two things; Registration numbers “MC #’s” as well as a fun unique boat name. Why not offer a graphics package to new customers with the sale of a new or used boat. Fusion Marketing has a full in house design team that is ready and able to take on any design challenge no matter the size.

If your business is new to the Marine Service/sales industry we take pride in helping local companies build strong brand recognition. Best place to start is with a modern, clean, well executed logo and other design elements that will help further your growth. Another great way to reach a targeted niche audience is through direct mailers. We handle everyrthing from conceptualization, design, to dealing with the mail houses. Here at Fusion Marketing we can handle any and all of your marketing needs.


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