Fitness centers are spread throughout the Greater Detroit area and the industry keeps growing and spreading. That being said you want your fitness center to stand out amongst the rest. The best way to achieve that is to enhance the enviroment and appeal of your Fitness Center/Health Club.

Large scale murals that span the length of full walls are a great way to get people talking about your Michigan business and a way to grab attention. Motivating imagery is way cooler than staring at white walls when your trying to get your Health on. Besides just wall murals Fusion Marketing also offers custom signage of all sizes and materials to achieve that unique look/feel that will keep people coming back to your Fitness center. If you are a pre-existing gym or you just opened your Health Club its a great idea to send your targeted audience weekly to monthly mailers to let consumers know who, what, and where you are as well as seasonal promotions that you may offer.

We also handle all marketing collateral and promotional materials so when you have a new member sign up and they receive their “Health Club ID/Badge” you can also offer a branded lanyard to go along with it. People love “Swag!” Keeping your facilty looking good is hinged on your employees looking professional as well so custom printed apparel also strengthens your brand.


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