Right now in Metro Detroit, food trucks are one of the hottest trends in the food/restaurant and beverage industry. Given the cost effectfulness of starting and owning a food truck comapred to a traditional brick and mortar restaurant it only makes sense. The unique aspect of food trucks is the diverse range of the street food cuisine and experimental menus that keep the crowds coming back. Being a mobile business doesn’t hurt as well of course.

The public is not only enticed by the aromas or the eclectic menus of the local Michigan food trucks but the trucks that seem to have a creative visual theme get a little more attention than all the rest. Unlike a traditional restaurant that focuses on the interior ambience, your food truck’s “exterior” needs to stand out from the crowd. There is no better way to do that than having your food truck wrapped with a uniquely designed graphics package. It is said on average a food truck with a full color printed vinyl wrap will get on average 30,000-70,000 daily impressions.

Besides being the best for advertising these days, a vinyl wrap can also be up to 40 times more cost effective than running traditional advertisements.
Another area to consider is a uniquely designed website (instead of, or in addition to, having the standard truckside billboards) so customers are able to figure out what they would like to eat while they wait in line.

At Fusion Marketing we can help with everything from the conceptualization, design, print, and also installation of the 3M vinyl wrap to get that food truck ready to start hitting the streets. Having the exterior visually engaging is a big part of the brand identity of your food truck. Another branding technique is having yourself and employees matching using custom screen printed t-shirts and hats, which is something to definitely consider to make yourself stand out. I’m sure your devoted foodies wouldn’t mind representing you and your brand out in the world with some cool screen printed T’s, should you wish to offer some up.


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