Nursing homes, senior apartment communities and Hospitals seem to get a bad wrap at times or perhaps viewed in a negative light. Most people equate Michigan Hospitals, nursing homes, and retirement communities as being cold, drab and stark white. A great way to start addressing those issues is by having beautifully designed visuals throughout the rooms and common areas. Large murals that span full walls or perhaps a beach or scenic view can actually make people forget they are in a hospital, retirement home, or assisted living center and relieve some built up reservations or anxiety. There are many studies that show having serene visuals such as wall murals or canvas wrapped prints can lower consumption of pain medications. There are many other options ranging from non-skid floor graphics to custom printed ceiling tiles that will also help transform your space into a warm inviting area.

Keeping your staff looking uniform and professional is crucial as well in keeping up with your brand image. Having your senior living community, nursing home or hospital logo screen printed or embroidered on uniforms or company apparel will also help strengthen your brand recognition. Not only can Fusion Marketing help keep your building and staff looking on point but we can handle all of your other printing needs. We design and print everything from custom name badges, client / patient charts, office note pads and even lanyards to hold the name badges.

All of the before mentioned is as important as having a well thought out website where people can go to learn more about your long term care facility, hospital or nursing home and what sets you apart from from other facilities. Potential residents / patients can schedule appointments or meetings. Get frequently asked questions answered. Along with having a cleanly designed website, maintaining a positive social media presence is just as important. Contact Fusion today to see what we can do for you!


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