We live in a visual world and humans naturally enjoy looking and feeling their best. One means of doing so is going to Michigan tanning salons to achieve a little color in their skin tone. With advancements in technology people are able to achieve this in a safer way. That being said you want your salon to stand out and be the one everyone is going to before their winter vacation or just simply that want to get a little “color.” There are many avenues to reach the audience you are trying to communicate to. Some are better than others but still effective.

One great way is doing a monthly mailer showcasing seasonal sales targeted to a broad audience. Having a clean designed mailer will engage the viewer and let them know who you are and where you are if they do not already know. Another unique way to generate a buzz is making the enviroment of the salon feel like the customers are on vacation. One way of doing that is having installed a full color floor to ceiling wall wrap of a warm tropical image or sometihng engaging. At Fusion we can take care of any project from design, printing, and installation all under one roof. Aside from the full wall wraps you can also implement custom printed ceiling tiles that will help seed the idea of vacation/escape with a beautiful tropical blue sky. Sell the “idea” that your salon is the vacation.

Fusion Marketing can additionally take care of all of your marketing collateral and also custom branded apparel. Like a resort all the employess need to look good and sell your brand and thats where custom printed apparel comes in. No matter the avenue you choose to promote your brand, Fusion Marketing can help take the stress and worry out of your hands.


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