It has been said more than a few times that a picture is worth a thousand words. That old adage might carry more than a kernel of truth, but successful Michigan business owners have also learned the hard way that pictures can rarely tell the whole story. Words still carry definite weight, along with the ability to sway consumer opinion – hopefully, offering a subtle nudge that drives the prospective customer from contemplation to sales completion. The tool embraced by the business community for influencing customers is known as article marketing.

What Customers Seek


The naked truth is that most customers expect – in fact, demand – information. After all, we live in a period of time known as the information age, and the majority of potential buyers have been raised in an environment where knowledge is available through a simple Internet search. Utilizing article marketing, it’s entirely possible to simplify your customer’s research process by delivering your key messages without any potential message confusion stemming from conflicting messages.

For example, imagine a local car dealership seeking an opportunity to increase awareness of a new automobile model fresh from the manufacturer. It’s entirely possible for the dealership to wait for the manufacturer’s corporate messaging that typically accompanies a product launch. A proactive dealership fully utilizing article marketing, however, might hire a freelance writer to develop written content – suitable for online and offline distribution alike – that can then be distributed on web sites and in printed materials.

Taking the initiative to convey the message with the written word, the seller in this instance benefits with an immediate connection to the target audience, while also guaranteeing the message is delivered as desired, without any interference from potentially conflicting sources.

Virtually any business depending on a customer base can benefit from article marketing; the sky is the limit. The underlying concept is building awareness among consumers. Paraphrasing a famous baseball movie honoring America’s pastime: If you inform them, they will come.

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