At the end of the business day, the bookkeepers are certain to note the fine line between operating in the black and running in the red. Black signals financial success, with regular profits rolling in. Operate in the red for extended periods, however, and that’s a less-than-subtle signal that all things are not going well where the bottom line is concerned. Chances are good the business is hemorrhaging cash assets, and failing to fix the problem post haste is likely to spell doom for the entire enterprise.

Reaching the Customer


What’s the universal secret to success? In practically every instance, profitability begins and ends with the ability of the business to connect with consumers – also known as the cash-possessing customers. Reaching out to those prospective buyers starts the delicate sales process, and it’s the essential first step. The process is formally recognized as business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing, but it’s really a fancy way of reminding sellers that their success depends on communicating with their prospective buyers.

Trying to operate in silence is a great way to guarantee that happy sounds will not be heard ringing up from cash registers. And there’s an endless array of business-to-consumer marketing efforts on display across the country every single day of the year, providing definitive reminders to every business owner about the importance of marketing initiatives.

Perhaps the marketing message is on display thanks to the company’s web site, where the arrival of a new product is clearly spelled out before discriminating consumers. Maybe the message is being shared through a streamlined marketing campaign that includes a glossy flyer sent through a mass mailing, along with a carefully crafted guerilla marketing effort.

In any case, the selected marketing methods in a carefully executed marketing campaign can provide an effective way to produce clients – and crucially, generate income for the efforts.

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