Brand Marketing is important. Most consumers look for quality and trustworthiness when purchasing a product or service. Branding is an instant indicator to buyers of a company’s reputation in the industry. It represents the business’s identity. Successful branding will ensure customers come back time and again.

The key is consistency. Developing a unique brand that stands out and ensuring it is used in every affiliated product is important. Selecting a color scheme, logo or tag line, and ensuring that everyone in the company adapts it, while help to solidify a company’s brand image.

What color does one think of when visualizing Coke products? Red. How about Pepsi? Blue. These colors are at the core of the branding program for these product lines. They were utilized in every product associated with each line. The message is so precise and consistent, consumers can instantly visualize the colors for each soda line. Branding is, essentially, a consistent message that marketers deliver to Michigan customers.



Consider brands such as Kleenex, Bubble Wrap, Jacuzzi, Jet Ski, Chapstick or Crock-Pot. These are all brands that have become so successful, buyers use them generically. In fact, this should be the goal of every company’s branding program. A customer should be able to instantly make the connection between the product or service offered and the company itself.

Branding can be so successful that there will be no alternative in the mind of the buyer. This is called “brand loyalty”. Products are almost mindlessly selected from store shelves based only on the brand identifier. A runner, for example, may enter a sporting goods store and search only for the Nike swoosh or “Just Do It” slogan when selecting a new pair of athletic shoes. This buyer already knows what brand to purchase before ever entering the store, and no other options were ever considered. They are only concerned with finding the logo and tag line. That’s the success of Brand Marketing.

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