Charitable Causes

Let’s be completely honest for a moment: contributing to a charitable cause makes little practical sense, but it simply can feel soothing to the soul and rewarding to the spirit. There’s little chance you’ll be able to see any recipients directly benefiting from a charitable donation. And donating time and energy represents an undeniable drain on valuable resources that can’t be recovered. In spite of these real world truths, voluntarily assisting a needy cause still brings forth intangible benefits.

Business owners, on the other hand, can enjoy the best of both worlds where a cause is concerned. Donating time or money brings with it the aforementioned spiritual satisfaction – along with some very practical benefits, like building community good will and increasing brand exposure. And that’s precisely why participating in cause marketing is so beneficial.

What is Cause Marketing?


Cause marketing is defined as the cooperative efforts of your business and a non-profit organization, in a relationship bringing benefits to both groups. It’s a true win-win scenario. The charitable organization benefits from an influx of volunteers and assets, thanks to added exposure. As for the business, the ultimate benefit is exposure, as prospective donors gain greater awareness of the brand in question.

How Cause Marketing Works


There’s no better example of a perfectly executed cause marketing campaign than that which is exhibited annually by the National Football League, with the league’s carefully structured partnership with the American Cancer Society. This relationship prominently positions pink-colored clothing, while building awareness of breast cancer awareness.

The American Cancer Society reaps tremendous benefits from the relationship, with increased awareness to the cause that can result in an influx of charitable donations throughout the year. Simultaneously, the NFL is building goodwill and expanding awareness to a larger customer base through exposure before a national audience.

Operating on a national level or at a local level, businesses connecting with cause marketing can reap undeniable benefits while underscoring a philanthropic approach to business. At the end of the business day, it’s tough to craft a compelling argument against the benefits of cause marketing. After all, it is for a good cause.

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