There’s an old proverb that’s goes something like this: “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” The implication is clear. Other circumstances might seem far more attractive than one’s own, in spite of the reality of the situation. A practical lesson exists here for Michigan business owners, too, in a much more literal sense where close range marketing is concerned.

What is Close Range Marketing?


Close range marketing is a marketing approach focusing on strategically promoting offers to a specific geographic area that’s primarily close to the site of the business in question. Prior to investing time and resources into connecting with a client base far from the doors of a business, prudent owners fully explore the possibilities of connecting with the customers in their own back yard. After all, connecting with customers can be a challenging process to begin with. Why not fully leverage the opportunities presented by a familiar location?

Just consider a mom-and-pop pizza shop that’s been slinging savory pizza pies for two decades. The address is well-known; in reality, the signs alone for the pizza place have been around longer than the surrounding homes in the community. Faced with finite marketing resources, the owners realize the clear benefits in strengthening ties with the neighbors living in the area, as opposed to reaching out to areas where name recognition might not carry the same weight. The result is a two-for-one pizza coupon that is reaching nearby homes and encouraging a visit.



Newspaper advertisements, mailers, postcards, fliers and other related media represent great ways to introduce – or reintroduce – a business to neighbors, even when the business has been at the same location for decades. Every neighborhood is in constant flux, with new families moving in all the time.

Close range marketing can be a perfect tool for giving local consumers a reason for stopping by. Why not provide that friendly reminder to the neighbors that your doors are open, and that you’re ready for business?

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