Sharing many of the same attributes as close range marketing, community marketing often involves Michigan business owners fully taking advantage of a location to connect with a specific customer base. It’s far more than just a geographic location that can factor in to community marketing, though. Community marketing can consider a wide range of aspects that include gender, religion, lifestyle choice, political or social affiliation and so much more.

Connecting with Communities


In reality, the sky is truly the limit in determining the “community” that is addressed in a concentrated marketing effort. Crucial to the entire approach of community marketing is locating and connecting with a like-minded group of prospective customers.

For example, it’s a fairly well known fact that notoriously cash-strapped college students actively embrace money-saving opportunities. In the case of a local movie theater chain, the theater owners are utilizing community marketing when representatives distribute discounted move passes to be used exclusively by college students possessing valid identification.

Similarly, a local café owner might specifically choose to connect with a female customer base for the restaurant’s weekly “Women’s Night on the Town.” Combining a wine tasting event, cuisine cooking session and fashion show, the restaurateur is creating an environment generally appealing to a particular gender, and reaching that specific audience through a weekly newspaper coupon offering a “Buy one, get one free” dinner special for women diners exclusively.

When Community Marketing Works

The very best community marketing efforts leverage positive word-of-mouth feedback that is shared by like-minded individuals. Fellow pet lovers will find each other at dog parks, the veterinarian’s office and in the pet department of the grocery store and they will share their thoughts. And if some of those customers have become established customers of a community dog-walking business thanks to a discount coupon sent in the mail, there’s a good chance  that dog walking business owner’s customer base will grow naturally when word spreads.

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