Product quality, effective pricing and an unparalleled level of customer service are equally important factors when it comes succeeding in a competitive market place. Even delivering simultaneously on all these fronts doesn’t guarantee prosperity in business, however. Failing to attract the eye – and more importantly, the undivided attention – of shoppers can consign even the promising business model to modest success, at best.

What is Content Marketing?


Savvy business owners in the State of Michigan can turn to a widely underappreciated approach known in marketing circles as content marketing. Content marketing is a fancy way of describing efforts to share relevant information with customers. It involves efforts to provide articles pertaining – both directly and indirectly – to a business, and then sharing that information through online media platforms like smart phones, tablets and computers.

Information posted online doesn’t necessarily have to utilize a focused selling approach, pitching a specific product or service to a customer. Instead, there can be a greater soft-sale approach, bringing awareness of the subject matter to potential buyers and establishing the source provider – your business – as a qualified subject matter expert.

Consider an animal control business specializing in the humane trapping and relocation of nuisance animals like raccoons, opossums and squirrels.  Posted content marketing material can prominently incorporate the name of the animal control business, along with the necessary contact information. A more far-reaching approach, however, can provide general information regarding animal control that establishes a long-lasting online footprint. The material might not be directly related to the company’s services, but it will likely resonate with consumers over the long haul.

Quality Matters


It’s also important for business owners utilizing content marketing to understand the importance of concise, well-written material crafted by professional writers specializing in drafting material appropriate for the targeted audience. Quality content reflects well upon the business, while poorly crafted material filled with grammatical and spelling errors can undermine company credibility. Differences between quality writing and marginal writing can help determine the success of content marketing.

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