There’s no denying the value of marketing for a business owner operating in Michigan. After all, ultimately it’s the way a seller connects with the consumer — which determines the success or failure of a business according to the bottom line. Tapping into only one marketing approach in a world filled with a variety of techniques can significantly hamper the abilities of the business owner to connect with customers. That’s why the most successful enterprises fully leverage the opportunities presented by cross-media marketing.


What is Cross-Media Marketing?


Cross-media marketing involves the use of any one of several different combinations of media outlets to share a company’s promotional efforts. Naturally, the methods used will vary widely depending upon which media outlets are utilized. Direct mail pieces, web advertising, social media platforms and a wide array of other outlets can all factor into the conversation where cross-media marketing is concerned.

Consider a local barber shop that’s just opened for business, and is placing a heavy emphasis exclusively on direct mail pieces, complete with a discount coupon. Certainly it’s a compelling invitation for cash-strapped families looking for a deal, but using only one outlet in this case runs the risk of reaching only a limited audience.

Now imagine expanding that approach by the new business, to incorporate other options. Instead of investing all the efforts in a mail piece that will reach each home in one instance, the shop invests in a combination of a mailed postcard and a Facebook presence, complete with regular postings to update customers about current deals.

The Advantages


Exploring marketing efforts that include more than one initiative can exponentially increase the reach of the business, likely growing the footprint in the community and providing a worthwhile return on investment. That is the true appeal of cross-media marketing, and a dramatic reason to reconsider the approach for businesses not fully leveraging a cross-media marketing solution.

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