Event marketing is a very visual, interactive and engaging way to drive sales. Many businesses host or participate in events, such as fairs, festivals, and races and other sporting events, as a means of advertising their products or services. Setting up a booth at a local festival, having employees wear branded outfits, or hiring promotional models to stand in, and displaying product samples is a great way to provide a company with additional exposure.

At events, business can interact face-to-face with new and existing customers, providing a unique and personal experience for those who attend. Some companies hire independent contractors who set up booths and sale products. The contracts receive either an hourly pay or commission on each sale.

Here’s event marketing in action: Mary Kay is an example of a company that works with contractors who buy inventory and often set up at events to sell cosmetic products. Food providers can also participate in events and sell their goods. Often, health food markets will set up booths to sell organic or other unique products, supplements and the like.



The key is to choose events that a company’s target market is likely to attend. For example, a pie maker might choose to set up at a Thanksgiving Parade. A hard cider mill may set up at a brewing festival. The large number of people who attend these types of events offers an excellent opportunity to show off a product or service to multiple customers all at once. After all, sales by its very nature is a numbers game. Demonstrating to a crowd is the best way to ensure someone will make a purchase.

Sometimes Michigan companies choose to host online events, such as book fairs, asking for participants to register ahead of time. The entire event takes place over the Internet, so the buyer can stay in the comfort of his or her home. There is a window of time for the buyer to “attend” and make a purchase. Many independent consultants for direct sale companies, such as Wildtree, Younique and Norwex, host Facebook events and invite everyone on their friends’ lists to participate. This is a very cost-effective way to drive sales.

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