Facebook has become a great marketing tool for many Michigan companies. By setting up a business page and hosting online events, or posting status updates offering discounts and driving customers to official websites to make purchases, a company is almost guaranteed to expand its customer base. This is because so many individuals use social media now-a-days, and nearly everyone has access to it at their fingertips with smartphone and other portable electronic devices. So, if a company offers a product that is deemed valuable in the marketplace, Facebook provides a quick and easy way to make a purchase.

The key to a successful Facebook marketing campaign is often to integrate it into a comprehensive plan. While Facebook can be used at the sole means for listing and selling items, it works better when customers are directed an actual website or can use it to get information an actual physical event happening in the area. Creating event pages and asking Facebook users to join is helpful, as this provides a seller with an estimated head count and allows a business to offer freebies or other incentives ahead of time to those planning to attend.

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Some companies rely so heavily on social media marketing, they employ entire departments dedicated solely to manage these sites and driving sales. There are also third-party companies that have been established to take on the social media marketing of businesses. One can become social media certified and offer to help from home for an attractive side income. This expertise is in high demand.

Customers appreciate the use of Facebook and other social media sites, because they are typically highly familiar with these sites from personal use and are hoping to engage with customer service representatives quickly online should they have questions. Dedicating a team to managing social media pages ensures customers will receive timely responses and help to increase a company’s online sales base.

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