“Thinking outside the box” is a metaphor imploring an individual (or organization) to consider issues from a different and unconventional perspective. Michigan marketing firms incorporating that same “outside the lines” approach to business are fully leveraging the opportunities presented by guerrilla marketing techniques to benefit their clients to the fullest extent.

How Guerrilla Marketing Works


Relying on a delicate balance of timing, momentum and unique approaches to captivate the attention of a consumer audience, guerrilla marketing places an emphasis on unorthodox methods likely to raise eyebrows when first introduced by marketers to their respective clients. Guerrilla marketing involves a certain leap of faith for clients, as there is decidedly no accepted standard formula for success. Instead, the technique depends on a high level of creativity and boldness to depart from conventional approaches in compelling customers to explore what a business has to offer.

Ideas are limited only by imagination (and budget constraints) with this marketing technique. The sky really is the limit. Perhaps the guerrilla marketing campaign involves employing a group of appropriately dressed mimes providing an impromptu street performance that involves leading clients to the front entrance of the business; maybe there’s concerted social media campaign based around a YouTube video and being promoted on a Facebook page; alternatively dozens of matching t-shirts emblazoned with a business logo are distributed and intended for use at a specific news event; potentially hundreds of dollar bill-shaped leaflets containing store discounts are distributed in concerted rooftop drops from multiple locations in a downtown business district; potentially cryptic banners bearing only a Web site address suddenly appear overnight at several prominent locations in a community.

In every instance a high level of creativity – unmatched by competitors – is essential to guerrilla marketing techniques that can radically, positively change public perception. Naturally, all state and federal laws and guidelines should be noted and carefully followed prior to engaging in any campaign initiatives.

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