Because big numbers mean big profits when it comes to marketing exposure, many Michigan companies employ mass marketing strategies. These strategies are specifically designed to reach the most amount of new and existing customers a possible as inexpensively as possible. A company utilizes one basic, undifferentiated marketing technique and employs it across all marketing channels in an attempt to be highly visible.

Mass marketing is sometimes referred to as “shotgun” marketing, although it is much more planned and calculated. Big companies often spend big money gathering data on which customers to target before blasting out advertising information. The insight gathered also allows for leaders to have to a good understanding of where they should place media and set up shop to reach the largest number of buyers possible.

The Dollar Tree is an example of a large chain retailer that very effectively utilizes mass marketing. The retailer first determines where to open shop by collecting data on the income level of certain neighborhoods. It then establishes in convenient locations where it’s most likely to attract customers. By setting up shop in strip malls that also house competitors and offering similar, staple goods for less, The Dollar Tree is able to maximize traffic.



For example, If Sally intends to take a trip to a local Michigan retailer in search of Super Glue, why would she spend $3 at the hardware store along the strip when she can simply walk next door and purchase it for a buck? And, doesn’t The Dollar Tree have cleaning supplies, kitchen ware, cosmetics and canned food? Why yes, as a matter of fact it does. Before she knows it, she’s left the store with twenty additional items. Talk about a successful strategy!

Walmart is another example of a highly successful mass marketer. In fact, Walmart is the number one retailer in the world. It often sets up shop in rural communities where it can offer a hometown feel and low prices as part of its mass marketing strategy, while operating with very little local competition. It’s hard for mom-and-pops to compete with the retailers’ prices, which help to ensure it maximizes its customer base.

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