Imagining a world before the advent of the Internet is becoming increasingly difficult. There was a time not so long ago, though, when the use of the computer was limited to the imagination of the best science fiction writers. For better or worse, times have changed in dramatic fashion. Today, computers are an essential part of the daily lives of virtually every American citizen – and that is doubly true for all self respecting business owners. But participating in a virtually connected world where smart phones, personal computers and tablets rule is not necessarily mandatory, as evidenced by business owners engaging – and finding success – in their offline marketing efforts.

Offline marketing for the Michigan business owner is self-explanatory; the term is exactly what it sounds like. Offline marketing is any marketing initiative that isn’t performed using the Internet in the process.

A Variety of Approaches


Entrepreneurs looking to connect with their prospective customers while utilizing offline marketing techniques are exceeding their expectations thanks to a variety of different approaches. Those methods are as varied as the realm of marketing itself.

Perhaps the approach involves the printing and mailing of postcards to new and existing customers in targeted neighborhoods; maybe it’s a matter of designing a special advertisement intended to appear in the Sunday edition of the local newspaper; potentially a guerrilla marketing campaign will involve costumed street performers displaying banners at public gatherings like street festivals.

It is easy to assume retailers opting for offline marketing efforts are a step behind the competition, but the reality is that a surprising number of customers can still be found outside an Internet connection. Conducting carefully planned and flawlessly executed offline marketing efforts can result in a financial boost to any business’s bottom line, regardless of whether the approach takes place in a digital or analog environment.

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