Conducting business in a perfect world would involve connecting with every single customer in a manner which makes individuals feel like they are literally the only consumer that matters to a company’s bottom line. In large part that is a reality, as every successful owner recognizes the value of the single individual consumer can’t be underestimated. Seldom do these solo shoppers operate in a vacuum; they’re often active on social media outlets and more than willing to share their attitudes and perceptions about a brand, both positive and negative.

Forming those ties with consumers can be challenging. That’s why some of the savviest entrepreneurs in the State of Michigan are turning to an innovative marketing approach steadily gaining in popularity: personalized marketing.

What is Personalized Marketing?


In essence, personalized marketing is a method tailored to create a unique offer for each particular client, or to at least give the impression the offer has been customized. A prime example of personalized marketing can be observed arriving in the mail almost every day, when a letter from a local automobile dealership arrives bearing the recipient’s name in bold letters in the body of the message. Offering far more than the emotional impact of a correct mailing address or the opening words “To the residents at …,” personalized marketing helps form a stronger connection to the folks that matter most to a business: their possible clients.

Due in no small part to the extraordinarily fickle nature of any of the general buying pubic, there’s an inherent value in connecting with those guests at a personal level where goodwill can be more easily fostered. People like to know — and be known by — the people they’re interacting with. In the same way a bank patron feels valued when a bank teller greets them by name as they are standing in line, a personal connection strengthens consumer relationships.

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