Make no mistake in business: sales rule. At the close of every single business day, the amount of money remaining in the cash register rightfully carries significant weight in determining the direction of the company. But there’s a real risk in placing too much emphasis on bottom line profits at the cost of consumer connections. The very best business owners delicately balance the needs for immediate financial gain with a long-term vision for security – in the form of existing customers that keep coming back for more. Therein lays the true value of relationship marketing for businesses spread throughout the state of Michigan.

How Does it Work?


Relationship marketing strategies are born from a direct response to carefully conceived marketing campaigns. These campaigns place an emphasis on both the retention and satisfaction of customers, as opposed to interest solely in a completed sale.

The strongest cases for relationship marketing are made possible by sharing the experiences of the existing client base in the widest-reaching fashion possible. Traditionally, this process involves businesses posting both the positive and negative reviews from previous clients on Web sites and in printed sales pieces. (Including both positive and negative feedback could be considered by some experts as counterintuitive; others argue that the inclusion of all unfiltered comments lends itself to a level of authenticity. However, any content posted should always be carefully reviewed with an understanding potentially offensive or politically incorrect material cannot be used.)

Ultimately, relationship marketing involves instilling confidence in prospective new customers and reinforcing the company’s rock solid reputation and stability in the eyes of existing clientele. There is no need to emphasize the value of products or services and pricing factors when relationship marketing is involved; the primary focus in this particular instance is conveying the understanding that others have done business with the firm in question, and new customer can rest assured they’ll enjoy the experience too.

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