In a perfect business world, there would be no need to ever actively seek out customers. Instead, those prospective clients would be lined up on your doorstep and filling up those phone lines, while other patrons cause web servers to crash through high demand alone. Alas, unless your business enterprise in the State of Michigan or beyond is the lucky one to unveil the latest holiday shopping craze, the chances of this sales bonanza is unlikely in the extreme. At least, without some very deliberate planning, and that’s precisely where reverse marketing should factor into any savvy business strategist’s playbook.

What is Reverse Marketing?


In the case of reverse marketing, consumers actively (and hopefully, passionately) seek out your good or service – hopefully going the extra mile to track down exactly what they want, when they want it. Accomplishing this elusive marketing dream involves creating the need for that specific good or service and no other. There’s a high degree of ingenuity involved, along with good old fashioned product development. And when the entire process works properly, the results can mean a dramatic lift in profits – over not one quarter, but many.

Case in point: Consider any of the myriad coffee brewing machines available on the market during any given holiday season. The best of these machines would utilize proprietary components rendering the machines useless without the use of matching products – mini coffee containers, in this case – that settle securely into the dispenser. A good marketer might give away these free coffee machines, but those machines would work exclusively with a particular brand of coffee, and no other. Giving away the coffee machine  ensures a steady drip of future customers turning to one product and one product alone, since that is the only product that operates in conjunction with the free coffee machine. That is the brilliance of a solid reverse marketing strategy – customers compelled to keep coming back for more, while building the good will of a free product in the process.

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