The World Wide Web constituting the Internet is an interconnected one, creating a “global village” that truly levels the playing field for all companies – great and small alike – seeking a greater presence in the minds of the buying public. It is a competitive, no holds barred world where size carries less importance than agility – in other words, the ability to pay attention to the demands of customers and to respond accordingly. In a digital realm where equality rules, the only true competitors coming up short in the race are those lacking a presence on the Web, and that is precisely why the significance of web marketing is growing in the State of Michigan, along with other parts of the country and across the world.

What is Web Marketing?


Simply put, web marketing begins and ends with the presence of a business on the Internet. A business’s Web site is a digital address that is essential to operations in much the same way a brick-and-mortar location counts on a front entrance inviting customers through the door. Web marketing can assist any business offering a good or service by alerting customers that the “welcome for business” digital sign hanging above the front door is lit.

The Importance of the Web

Practically every industry analyst and expert can agree: having a web site for a business — and building a strong online web presence – is crucial to compete in the midst of today’s fast-paced society. The proof? Just consider, for instance, the ubiquitous nature of web addresses that fill our daily lives. These addresses with World Wide Web (www) prefixes are an integral part of our lives, appearing in newspaper advertisements, at the bottom of television commercials, following radio spots and attached to virtually every imaginable sort of social media outlet.

There really is no choice for any business open today: have a web marketing presence, or become obsolete.

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