Combine great products, an incredibly high level of customer service, spotless facilities, an ideal location, a long-lasting community presence, and several other key factors; that is the perfect recipe for success for practically any business under the sun that is calling the State of Michigan home. Add all those elements and mix them together, and the likely result is a loyal customer base that never wavers in their support.   

These customers that see the true value delivered by a business can become far more important than any advertising initiative. Their words can carry a weight that no commercial can match, thanks in part to the credibility that comes from communicating directly with fellow human beings. People like to talk to other people; they share thoughts and feel a sense of accomplishment when their words lead their friends and neighbors to take action. That is the true power of word of mouth marketing, and wise business owners are taking full advantage of the opportunity by further-encouraging goodwill.

What is Word of Mouth Marketing?


In the case of word of mouth marketing, business owners are counting on their clients to spread the word about a product or service. While these vocal advocates aren’t on the payroll, they are gaining some benefits, too. A wise merchant might establish a referral program that provides a discount to a client directing a friend to the same business; it’s a technique often embraced by insurance companies that reduce rates through a successful referral.

Alternatively, word of mouth marketing can be as simple as creating a climate that encourages easy recommendations. Try distributing a handful of business cards to the most dedicated customers, and simply let them share those cards through casual conversation with friends.

Regardless of the approach embraced through word of mouth marketing, the end result can only be a better bottom line and a greater number of satisfied customers.

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