Custom written, original creative content is mandatory for maximum results regardless of what the content is being used for.

Nowadays, writing effective content for your Michigan business is easier than ever through the internet’s unlimited resources.
Still, many Macomb County companies employ third-party writing professionals for a variety of reasons.

A great deal of us desire to do it ourselves; because, after all, who knows your business better than yourself?
Sometimes though, it makes sense to bring in a seasoned professional who brings talent and expertise to the equation.
So, what are the pros and cons of having a professional write articles for your business versus doing it yourself?

Professionals Drive Results

A writing veteran knows what works and what doesn’t. Their experience in the marketing field allows them to craft content that will yield results- which, is really the goal, right? A professional will cater to your needs and only write material that fits the image of your business, reinforcing your brand and message. Therefore, a writing professional is able to employ catchy headlines and reader-centered copy that highlights the benefits to the client.

Professionals Save Manpower

Some companies just don’t contain an ample amount of workers at its disposal. Using a worker to write content can sometimes be a misallocation of resources, especially if that worker is talented in other ways. And that worker may not even enjoy writing! Professionals allow businesses to use their resources more effectively.

Professionals Enjoy Writing

Some of us hate writing as much as we hate doing math. Most individuals aren’t accustomed to the quirks and nuances of the english language. Grammar, mechanics, and fluidity are just some of the concepts that professional writers desire to employ in their text. Often unknown to the novice writer, these concepts can the key to establishing credibility among clients. Instead of torturing yourself or someone else by assigning them to write content, have a professional writer joyously do it for you.

From a press release to website content to email newsletters to article marketing & more, content writing is a necessary element of a bigger picture.

On the other hand, some there are clear advantages to writing content yourself.

It’s Your Business

Who knows your business better than you? Yeah, probably no one. Communicating vital business information, such as its direction and message, can be misunderstood by a writing professional. By writing the content yourself, you know exactly what tone and style fits your business’ image. In this situation, you have complete control over the content. There will always be information about your business lost in communications with a writing professional- otherwise they’d be mind readers.

It’s Your Money

Hiring a writing professional may not be feasible with a tight budget, especially for emerging businesses. You may decide that allocating funds to hire a writing professional would better be used elsewhere in the company. Sometimes, hiring a writing professional to write small articles isn’t logical. In the end, making money is the point of most, if not all, businesses, and sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

It’s Your Desire

Expanding your horizons is a good thing. Learning about the techniques and skills involved in professional writing allows an individual to recognize expert writers from novices. This way, when a professional is hired, you know exactly what to look for in their writing. Also it can help you communicate better with a writing professional. Imagine saying, “I don’t like the connotation of this word” instead of “I don’t like how this sounds.” It’s like researching a product before buying it, it just makes common sense.

In short, writing content for your business can be a very rewarding and personalized experience, but also time consuming. Also, hiring a writing professional can be efficient, but consumes funding. The value of the written content is what matters most. You have to ask yourself if you’re comfortable writing content that isn’t being examined by a trained professional. Or, if you can detail and convey the message and goal of your company to a writing professional well enough.

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