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If you’re reading this, then you’ve decided to get your very own Podcast going, OR you’re already on the Podcast Detroit network —either way, good for you!

I’m John Hofmann, a Operations Manager here at Fusion. I currently oversee all of the network’s projects and turn Dave and Bob’s crazy concepts into a reality.

Fusion has been working closely with the duo since ground zero. When Dave and Bob started Podcast Detroit, we worked out an open-ended contract to handle the studios’ ongoing needs. Being the awesome guys that they are, their biggest stipulation was that our agreement had to encompass all of the networks shows and their efforts to build their brand. Here we are years later, still helping shows carve their way and making them look great while they do it.

Podcast Perks

We know that you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to read all day so we’re just going to trim the fat.
You need a logo, some awesome graphics for your social media profiles. You probably need some help writing host bios and someplace on the internet to call home, like a website. We can help with all that fun stuff.

After you build a foundation for your show you need to promote it. We can take care of that too. From shirts, banners, stickers and decals, cards, flyers and all sorts of other random promotional things like shot glasses and posters —we have you covered.

Best of all, you will get the same discounts that we give to the Podcast Detroit Studio because Dave and Bob said we had to!

John Hofmann

John Hofmann

Owner/Operations Manager

John has co-hosted a show and is no stranger to podcasting or the Podcast Detroit Studios. Know that you’re in good hands. His creative, no bullshit approach to life has given him a leg up in the industry.