Michigan Pizza restaurants are popping up on almost every street and are all competing for the same customers. How do you then ensure that the customers are walking into your restaurant and not the competitors? We have all seen empty pizzerias while another one on the same street is beaming with long queues, with the staff appearing overwhelmed. To make sure your restaurant continues to attract new customers while maintaining the existing ones, do the following:

1. Tasty pizza

Make your pizzas the best in town. Have a signature pizza that everyone else’s talk about it. No customer will return if their pizza did not meet their expectations. If the customers love the pizza, they will tell to their friends, family, and colleagues about your restaurant. The majority of your target customers are millennial who will easily move from one restaurant to another until they find what they consider a good pizza.

2. Ambience

Keeping in mind that majority of your customers are young people, ensure that your interior décor is suitable for them. Use a mix bright of colors, use comfortable but stylish seating, if possible have nice outdoor seating. Hang large professional pictures of your pizzas on the wall. Ensure to have Wi-Fi in the premise for customers. Remember they are not there just to eat; they are catching up taking pictures with their friends sharing them on social media which is also an additional advertisement for you. Make it a nice comfortable place that a customer may want to spend many hours there.

3. Customer Care

Ensure that your staff serves customers with the utmost respect; do not talk back to rude customers. They should be polite and friendly, offering services with a smile. The restaurant should be kids friendly, provide arts or games to keep the children occupied. Have high chairs for kids. Have a proper channel of handling complaints from customers. Communicate if there are delays in servicing the orders.

4. Social Media

Social media is king when it comes to the pizza business. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snap chat to advertise your restaurant. Post professionally taken pictures of your best pizzas. Make customers crave a pizza just by looking at the pictures, encourage conversations about your restaurant. Run social media polls such as which are your favorite pizza toppings. In the social media include details of your location and the contacts, and how to order online and if you have delivery options, describe how the customers can order for pizzas from home or work.

5. Promotions

Run promotions, such as buy one get on free. Make it known to the customer that on a certain day of the week we have certain offers. You can also create flexible prices so that between 11 am and 3 am there are special prices on given pizzas and you will have customers flocking to your restaurant over lunch. Use social media to run promotions as well. Get your followers to share your posts, and the one with the most followers wins a voucher for two or so.

6. Advertise

Advertise on the newspapers, food magazines, radio, and television. Issue fliers on the streets to draw people to the restaurant. Have billboards, signs, branded apparel for staff. Advertise consistently, even when you feel you feel the sales are good. Pay social media and bloggers to review your restaurant positively.

7. Website

Have a professionally made website, and like the ambiance, at the restaurant, the site should also be visually appealing. Use beautiful pictures; let the customers have a visual image of what they are ordering. Include the contacts, opening hours, locations, and links to social media. The website should also have a way to order a pizza.

8. Availability

Make sure that your restaurant is open for longer hours; customers like to eat out late. Open branches near your target market, so they don’t have to travel across town to seek pizza. Provide different sizes of pizza to cater for everyone including the lone eater, who may not necessarily finish a whole pizza. Sell pizza by the slice if possible to draw everyone.

9. Participate in events

Participate in industry events. For example, restaurant week, join other restaurants in providing offers that run the whole week. Maybe buy one get one on select offers or a discount on a second pizza. Participate in food fests.

10. Food Combos

Provide food combos to cater for the different customers visiting your restaurant. Make it cheaper to buy pizza and soda for example. Provide combos for groups, maybe pizza offering for groups of 6, 10 or more. Have different sizes, the mega pizza for a family. If you sell other food like chicken, chips, you can include them in creating the perfect combo.

These are inexpensive ways to increase sales and any pizza restaurant regardless of size can employ them.

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