Fusion Marketing Chosen as One of the Top Web Developers in Detroit, MI

by | Jun 15, 2020

Eastpointe-based digital marketing agency Fusion Marketing was recently announced as one of the top web developers in Detroit, MI. The ranking by Expertise scored 123 different web developers based on five different criteria; reputation, credibility, experience, availability, and professionalism. After making it through the curated stage with 81 other web developers, Fusion Marketing was chosen as part of the final 19, making this web design company one of the top marketing agencies in Metro Detroit doing web development.

Fusion Marketing’s web designers have been designing and developing websites for a range of different clients across the country for many years. Since the custom web design company launched in 2013, its portfolio has expanded to include e-commerce sites, content-rich blogs, and the professional services industry. The company moves away from template-based designs and creates every layout from scratch, taking multiple factors into consideration based on their client’s industry and needs. This enables the agency’s developer and designers to build a tailored website that meets the client’s requirements for both functionality and aesthetics.

Fusion Marketing focuses heavily on providing an outstanding level of service with unique solutions to solve business problems. They are also dedicated to their unique business model, operating 24/7 by appointment and offering round-the-clock support at all times. The advertising agency already has a long history of working with businesses across Metro Detroit, such as Wok To You, National Coney Island, Metro by Tmobile, Podcast Detroit, Royal Oak Hotel, and Eastpointe Police Department, on various projects from social media marketing and SEO to web design services and printed promotional products.

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Fusion Marketing
At Fusion Marketing, our mission is to revolutionize the way businesses approach marketing by prioritizing education and empowerment. We believe that the key to successful marketing is understanding the strategies and tools available, and making informed decisions based on that knowledge. As a marketing firm, our goal is not just to deliver results for our clients, but also to equip them with the confidence and know-how to make the best choices for their brand, regardless of who they choose to work with.

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