What is a logo?

A logo is defined as a symbol or design adopted by an organization and used to visually identify their products, services, and/or brand. If we needed to define a logo in one sentence, it would read… A logo is a simple visual mark that identifies a company or service.

Vector design

Vector art or vector illustrations are defined as mathematical equations and geometric primitives including points lines and shapes that create clean art that is infinitely scalable and camera ready. Basically, what that translates to is –vector art should always be used when designing a logo because the logo can be scaled larger and smaller, as needed. Vector art is also used for silk screening shirts and the production of many promotional products.
It’s common for companies to charge a ‘set up’ If you don’t have vector art.
(NOTE You probably won’t get the files that are created)

Vector formats

  • AI (Adobe Illustrator Artwork): Adobe Illustrator’s native format is AI which is a variation of an EPS file. All logos designed by Fusion Marketing include a master copy in AI format.
  • EPS (Encapsulated PostScript): Adobe’s EPS format is a common vector format. Many in the printing industry consider EPS files the modern standard.
  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic): SVG is the standard for vector web graphics. SVG has gained a lot popularity as modern browsers add support in their updates.

Why should you have a logo

As mentioned above logos help consumers and clients identify with a certain brand or product. For instance, let’s use McDonald’s logo. The yellow arches or “M” that they use in all of their advertising and marketing is globally recognizable. McDonald’s can place the golden arches in a standalone manner and clients consumers will immediately identify with the brand behind it. All serious businesses should have a professional logo to help them stand out from the crowd by allowing consumers to recognize & easily identify the logo with the business.

What makes a good design great

At Fusion Marketing, we do our fair share of rebranding and redesigns for companies. A great logo should only have a maximum of 2 to 3 colors and consist of simple shapes and elements. Designs with many colors and intricate details become unrecognizable at smaller sizes. If you imagine three logos I’m sure Nike, Adidas, McDonald’s, or Apple come to mind. Looking at those four examples you’ll notice that they are all one color and relatively simple shapes. The more simplistic a shape the easier it is to remember and memorize.

Design trends

Design trends can help you stand out today but can quickly leave your brand feeling old and stale when the current trend shifts. We suggest that you do your best to avoid any design trends, past or current.

Some past design trends are:

  • Flat Design
  • 3-D Lettering
  • Textured Patterns
  • Script Lettering
  • Retro Style

Stock artwork

many companies offer stark art and elements.

What can fusion do

At Fusion Marketing we design many logos for a wide variety of industries and uses. We pride ourselves on creating unique designs that capture the brand identity & feel, without words. All of the logos we design are illustrated using vector art.