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Does Your Business Have Swag?

Promotional Items date back to the late 1700s during George Washington’s election. He utilized calendars, wooden specialties, and rulers to promote himself according to Wikipedia. Around 1900, now known as the Promotional Products Association International or PPAI was formed. Moving forward to present day, a poll done by Sageworld found that “Eight in 10 consumers own between one and 10 promotional products” and that “Fifty-three percent of these people use a promotional product at least once a week”. That’s great news for your Michigan business and the lasting value that Promo Swag can bring you.

Get Creative

We all get Promotional Items and giveaways multiple times per year. Have you ever received a pen that you put a value on? You know a cheap Bic pen that you would never let anyone else use because of its value? Probably not —you can always get another cheap Bic pen another time. The takeaway here is that common Promotional Items lack value. Try to think outside the box and pick truly unique items like backpacks. Would you let someone borrow a promotional backpack you received at an event? Didn’t think so. That backpack or equally unique item has value and is sure to be around a lot longer than some pens. A few more great ideas are; calendars, flashlights, notepads and USB flash drives.


Everyone loves free shirts with a really, really big logo on it, right? If you’re lucky, receivers might sport it for the day of the event. After that, it becomes a rag or just takes up space in the closet for one too many years. We try to get clients to produce a great design or art on the front of the shirt, you know, something that someone might actually care about. If you give away something worth sporting then people won’t mind if your logo shows up someplace small, like a sleeve.

Promotional Items around the Office

Office swag can be a great tool. Office workers spend 40+ hours a week hanging out in the same place —their desk. They’re sure to remember you if you can get some quality items in their hands. Wall calendars, paperclip holders, sticky notes, mugs, and headphones are all common items found in the office. Our favorite are quality pens —the ones you don’t let anyone else use.

“The majority of users coming to your site are likely to be using a mobile device”.

Not Everything Needs a Logo

Branding is fine and all but not everything needs to have your logo on it. Clients will embrace the fact that you took time (and money) out to think about them. A giftcard or fresh pizza delivered to their office can have a positive impact on your business relationship. It’s a common practice at Fusion Marketing to buy our partners pizza every few months, just because.

Everyone Loves Free

Free is the magic word and craftsmanship is the multiplier. The better stuff you give away, the longer its going to be in circulation for. (Are you starting to see a trend here?)

We Solve Problems

Not just the problems you have today but the problems you’ll have tomorrow.

Proud Michigan Company

Fusion Marketing is located in Macomb County — Eastpointe, Michigan to be exact. Our office is roughly two miles outside of Detroit, MI with easy access to I-94 and I-696, providing our Royal Oak and Ferndale clients easy access to our office for in-person coffee meetings.

Who We Work With

At Fusion, we work with healthy, established companies who are looking for a partner who they can count on. We have carved a niche within the service industry which includes law offices, dentists, medical providers, and general contractors alike. However, we have a soft spot for non-profits and grass-root start-ups because they are the movers and shakers that are changing the world.

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