The Fun Stuff

Wide format printing is by far one of the most fun services we offer at Fusion Marketing. And by most fun we mean breathtaking. Loosely defined, wide format printing or large format printing is the printing of substrates and materials with a minimum width of 18 inches. Machines that can handle material over 100 inches wide are considered superwide printing or as its most commonly known in the industry, grand format printing. Our wide format printing abilities allow us to produce the final skins used in vehicle graphics as well as larger-than-life banners.

You Can Print on What!?

Grand format printing along with flatbed printing has opened up the doors for cost-efficient applications that were only dreamed even a few short years ago. We now have the ability to print first surface (directly onto the front of material) substrates like PVC and coroplast (read: lawn signs). With current technologies, we can print directly onto a 4′ x 8′ sheet of aluminum and then router out complex shapes creating a finished product that matches your unique needs or application, let it be luxury real estate signs or a large logo that proudly hangs at the entrance of your waiting room lobby.

It’s in the Ink


Aqueous Ink

Aqueous ink is a water-based dye ink that is safe for use within unventilated areas. Although aqueous inks contain dye they are not waterproof. It is common for prints to smear, run, or smudge when they are exposed exposed to humidity or moisture. Aqueous printing is now commonly used for printing artwork proofs or items that will be laminated or framed within glass.

Solvent Ink

Solvent inks are much like aqueous inks but instead of being suspended in water they are suspended in chemical solvents. Solvent inks contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and need special ventilation equipment to comply with environmental and health regulations. One of the main advantages of solvent printing is that it enables printing on flexible, uncoated vinyl substrates, like the ones commonly used for vehicle graphics and billboards. Solvent inks are also generally safe for outdoor use because of their UV and waterproof properties.

UV Cured Ink

UV curable inks are unique because after they are printed a strong UV light is exposed to them to cure them. The primary advantage of UV curable inks is that they “dry” as soon as they are exposed to the light. This method of printing can be applied to uncoated substrates and produces a very robust image. Unfortunately, UV curable inks are still expensive, and are not fitted for flexible substrates. Many flatbed printers used for producing plastic, wood and aluminum utilize this method of printing.

Latex Ink

Latex printing is the new kid on the block. According to HP, latex printing offers improved performance when printing on PVC (vinyl), paper, fabrics, polyethylene, and other substrates that solvent printing struggles with. Latex ink is water-based and bonded to the substrate with heat, and doesn’t need solvent extraction or air purification. This method of printing is quickly becoming a standard for quick turn printing because substrates can be pulled straight from the printer and mounted or finished almost immediately.

Wide Format Printing, More Than Banners

Here at Fusion Marketing, we utilize UV flatbed printing to produce substrates for our clients’ many needs. Some of the most common items we produce are real estate signs, signage for events, and large-scale logos that are mounted indoors with standoff hardware. We can also produce breathtaking items that are as unique as our clients — full-color custom printed drop ceiling tiles are a great example.

All of our flexible materials (banners and fabric) are produced using the latest in latex printing technology. Latex printing allows us to produce items such as canvas, mesh banners, fabric, and an array of adhesive materials within a fraction of traditional production times.

Pimp [more than] Your Ride

Wide format printing allows us to produce the materials to get the job done while our design and production department’s industry experience allow us to get the job done right the first time. Fusion Marketing can design, produce, and install your vinyl car and wall wraps in no time at all.


Not all materials are created equal and that’s why we chose to have a project management team instead of simply an online e-commerce portal. Our project managers can help you choose the right materials for your specific job application – let them have cost efficient short-term graphics for an event or permanent signage outside of your building. Our qualified Project managers can help you navigate the daunting task of incorporating wide format printing and signage into your growing business.