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Project Details

Project Background

The Rochester Police Department approached us after noticing the custom badges we created for another department. Impressed by the quality and design, they were interested in having their badges revitalized and reproduced with a similar level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Project Description and Materials Used

Tasked with this exciting project, our first step was to digitize the images of the existing badges provided by the department. The goal was to convert these images into vector format, ensuring that the badges could be scaled up to a large size without losing clarity or quality.

For printing, we opted for latex ink, known for its durability and vibrant colors, applied to a sturdy 3mm J-Bond composite panel. This combination of materials was chosen for its longevity and ability to withstand various environmental factors, making it perfectly suited for the police department’s demanding needs.

Problem Addressed and Approach

Our primary challenge was accurately scaling the provided badge images up to 36″, a substantial size increase. This task required meticulous attention to detail in the digitization process to ensure that none of the original badge’s intricacies and symbols were lost.

Our approach combined manual craftsmanship with advanced digital techniques, allowing us to preserve the integrity and details of the original design while adapting it for large-scale reproduction.

Project Benefits and Outcomes

The transformation of the Rochester Police Department’s badge into a large-scale, vectorized masterpiece required a dedicated effort but resulted in an exceptionally striking piece of art. The finished badge is a bold declaration of identity and authority, meets the practical requirements of visibility and recognition, and embodies the Rochester Police Department’s pride and professionalism.

With its commanding presence, the new badge design ensures that both officers and community members are constantly reminded of the department’s commitment to service and protection.
At Fusion Marketing, we deliver tailored solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs and aspirations every time. By highlighting and showcasing the Rochester Police Department’s badge, we have strengthened its brand identity and fostered a more profound sense of unity and pride within the department.

We are honored to have contributed to this amazing project and are excited to see how it enhances the department’s connection with the community it serves.

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