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Project Details

Project Background

In its continuous quest to celebrate and welcome new members in a uniquely memorable way, Business Network International (BNI) sought to introduce an innovative element that would excite members and serve as a perfect opportunity for a photo-op. BNI, known for fostering a supportive and thriving business community, aimed to enhance the experience of joining the network by making it even more special and memorable.

Project Description and Materials Used

To bring this vision to life, we designed custom giant checks using high-quality foam-core material printed in vibrant, full color. Our goal was to produce something that looked great in photos and embodied the essence of BNI’s welcoming spirit. Our choice of materials ensured durability and visual appeal, perfect for capturing attention during events and in photographs.

Problem Addressed and Approach

The challenge was twofold: to make new members feel valued and to spark curiosity among potential members. Our approach centered on creating a visually impactful symbol of achievement that new members could proudly display. This strategy was not just about the aesthetic value of the checks but also about fostering a sense of belonging and accomplishment.

By integrating these checks into welcome ceremonies, we aimed to create a talking point for visitors, encouraging dialogue about BNI’s supportive and celebratory culture.

Project Benefits and Outcomes

Introducing custom giant checks will significantly amplify BNI’s visibility in the local area through social media and word-of-mouth marketing. These checks serve as unique, shareable content for social media, increasing online engagement and attracting attention to BNI’s vibrant community. They provide an excellent photo opportunity for new members to showcase and celebrate their decision to join BNI.

The project’s success lies in effectively merging recognition with marketing. The custom checks not only make new members feel special but also act as a dynamic tool for promoting BNI’s values and benefits. This initiative has reinforced BNI’s position as a forward-thinking, member-centric organization dedicated to celebrating and supporting its community’s achievements.

Our collaboration with BNI exemplifies our commitment to innovative solutions that serve dual purposes: enriching member experience and enhancing organizational visibility. We are honored to have played a part in BNI’s efforts to welcome and celebrate its members. We look forward to seeing the continued positive impact of this initiative.

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