Marketing Firm Donates Hundreds Of Socks To Help The Homeless

by | Nov 18, 2020

Fusion Marketing Donates to Grosse Pointe Farms, MI Grass Roots Program

Fusion Marketing Donates to Grosse Pointe Farms, MI Grass Roots Program

Brief: A Detroit marketing agency has donated hundreds of socks to the homeless as part of a larger grassroots campaign.

Fusion Marketing is pleased to announce that they have donated hundreds of pairs of socks for the homeless in Detroit Michigan. The movement was part of Janee Almond’s mission to donate one thousand pairs of socks to those in need in the area.

Founder of Fusion Marketing John Hoffmann has a long-standing history of using his resources to help support community outreach efforts.

This year, John and his team at Fusion Marketing decided to join the grassroots efforts of Janee Almond from Fisher, Fowler, and Williams PLC. The socks were sent directly to Janee at the law firm in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI.

John and his team were deeply touched by the idea of giving socks to the homeless and donating something desperately needed by the less fortunate. The campaign was not affiliated with a larger organization. Instead, it was used to support the personal mission of Janee to collect and donate a total of 850 socks. With the support provided by Fusion, John hopes that she has exceeded her expectations with this charity drive.

About Fusion Marketing 

Fusion Marketing was founded in 2013 by two artists. The firm has now evolved into a full marketing solution, offering support for both online and offline marketing campaigns. The business is keen to provide their services to professional businesses as well as artists searching for the best ways to promote their brand.

Their wide range of services includes website design, graphic design, commercial printing, logo design, wide format printing, social media management, and countless others. The company is based in Eastpointe, MI, and strives to provide unique services that help companies stand out on the market. The company wants to ensure that every business can gain the benefits of a strong, professional marketing campaign.

Fusion Marketing is always exploring new ways that they can support the local community and help the area where their business is based. This stands firmly in line with providing a marketing solution that anyone can utilize and access. The business works hard to keep their solutions cost-effective and accessible to small and large business owners alike as well as independent artists.

The team also looks forward to supporting more grassroots charity campaigns and movements in the years ahead, helping to provide a stronger, united future for Detroit. 

Fusion Marketing donated the socks on November 14th as part of the 6th annual sock drive. The socks were collected on the corner of Martin Luther King and 2nd Avenue in Detroit with hundreds of others from the community.

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At Fusion Marketing, our mission is to revolutionize the way businesses approach marketing by prioritizing education and empowerment. We believe that the key to successful marketing is understanding the strategies and tools available, and making informed decisions based on that knowledge. As a marketing firm, our goal is not just to deliver results for our clients, but also to equip them with the confidence and know-how to make the best choices for their brand, regardless of who they choose to work with.

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