Yesterday our team at Fusion Marketing went to Metro Detroit’s first Pokémon GO / Food truck rally event. More than 2000 people showed up to take advantage of the lure modules running all night.


As fans of the series, we decided to not only set up a booth but also sponsor a 100 t-shirt giveaway featuring a themed design. Misty and Officer Jenny handed them out to participants throughout the night. In addition to sponsoring the shirts, we brought 400 decals to pass out but ran out of them in less than an hour!

People from all walks of life enjoyed the atmosphere and comradery last night — there were loads of Pokémon to catch and great eats from the many food trucks on location. The local gyms saw plenty of action, with fierce battles taking place late into the night.

We would like to thank Lights Camera Photobooth for inviting us out and J’s Silkscreen for co-sponsoring the shirts with us. This event would not have been possible without the help from St. Peters Church, who volunteered space to host the gathering. This was by far the best Macomb County event that we’ve been to all year.

We also created limited edition “Gym Leader” shirts which were a big hit with the local trainers.

Metro Detroit’s 1st Pokemon Go Recap