So Google says starting in April 2015, your website MUST be mobile friendly *, otherwise, you WILL lose search engine rankings **!

* (mobile-friendly means your website MUST display properly on mobile devices like cell phones, tablets, etc. — NO pinch & expand to view your website – it MUST be fully readable {as is} without using that technique)

** (ranking means no one is going to be able to find your website any longer when they perform a local {Wayne Macomb Oakland County} search!)

Google says it will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and WILL have “a significant impact” in the search results they display.
(read Googles original article HERE)

What THAT all means is if your current website IS NOT designed to accommodate the needs for viewing on mobile type devices…
[ AKA: “mobile-ready website” or “responsive website design” ]
then Google is NOT going to be showing your website to Michigan mobile viewers!

Getting alarmed about all this?
You should be!
You DO know that most people check out MI businesses on their PHONES first before visiting a location, right?
If they can’t find YOUR business listed in the search results, guess who’s business they WILL be shopping at…
that’s right, YOUR competition!

Michigan Business Google Search

DON’T let that happen to YOUR Business!
Fusion Marketing can design a website that fulfills all of Google’s requirements…
and keeps your Michigan business in the public’s eyes so shoppers can continue buying from YOUR Greater Detroit Area business!

Not sure if your website is mobile-friendly or not?
Use: Google’s Mobile-Friendly test tool.
Type your website URL (site address) inside the bar, then click “analyze”

If the results say “awesome” – you’re good.
If not, contact us immediately & we will help remedy your situation!

Our talented website design staff can get your business website mobile-ready quickly, sometimes within days.
Contact us now to learn about the many unique solutions we have to offer.

REMEMBER! You ONLY have until April to fix any issues you have – which doesn’t leave you much time – otherwise, the Big G WILL start hiding your websites!