Roseville Michigan’s Fusion Marketing Fuels Local Business Success

by | Nov 5, 2013

Standing out from the crowd has never been easy. That’s particularly true where start-up and medium-sized companies are concerned when marketing budgets are tight and that media “splash” is elusive. Roseville-based Fusion Marketing is waging an active, passionate campaign to change the rules of the game for clients seeking a bigger share of their respective markets.

“Many small businesses are reluctant to take chances and explore different and innovative methods to put them on the map,” said John Hofmann, co-owner, Fusion Marketing. “The sole purpose at Fusion Marketing is to enhance the success of our clients’ businesses after analyzing their specific industry challenges and long-term goals. We then bring fresh ideas to the table that can elevate our clients to the next level.”

Businesses of all sizes, working professionals, non-profit organizations, and more from throughout southeast Michigan have benefitted from the proven Fusion Marketing methods. Utilizing the appropriate traditional – as well as non-traditional – marketing approaches, Hofmann’s collaborative team of web developers, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, animators, artists, and writers bring their collective talents to bear in a process that makes every client’s project unique.

“Conformity lends itself to complacency. We aren’t concerned with what everyone else is doing,” added Hofmann. “Our laser focus is doing what’s right for our clients, and our creativity is what enables us to aid our customers in reaching their target markets.”

Hofmann’s company taps into every marketing approach in the alphabet, including alliance marketing, ambush marketing, article marketing, business-to-business marketing, business-to-consumer marketing, cause marketing, close range marketing, content marketing, cross-media marketing, direct mail marketing, freebie marketing, guerrilla (experiential) marketing, inbound marketing, internet marketing, loyalty marketing, niche marketing, offline marketing, personalized marketing, promotional marketing, referral marketing, relationship marketing, reverse marketing, social medial marketing, traditional marketing, viral marketing, web marketing, and word-of-mouth marketing.

Illustrating Fusion Marketing’s mission to create innovative marketing methods, the company recently assisted a local author in promoting her new work. Fusion’s team developed a new mobile responsive Web site ( themed after the novel’s cover design, which they also produced. Instead of offering traditional business cards and a standard industry book signing, Fusion Marketing suggested distributing bookmarks featuring coupons discounting a future book purchase. Simultaneously, the company employed a local model to be featured on the book cover and an in-character appearance at the author’s book signing events.

Fusion Marketing’s success is in the numbers. The company has earned an impressive 80-percent customer retention rate in a highly competitive industry, proving that customers trying Fusion Marketing remain loyal to the firm.

“My company is not big on the ‘hard-sell’ approach in offering our marketing services to our potential clients. If there is a good fit and we can help, we will,” Hofmann added. “This approach is working well because many of our customers stay with us over the long term. That is the real reward in this business.”

Fusion Marketing is located at 17401 E. 10 Mile Rd, Suite 9 in Eastpointe, Michigan, and is currently accepting new clients/projects. Business consultations are available by appointment by calling (586) 610-0055 or from their Web site. Learn more by visiting


FAST FACT: Interested in attending the visionary Fusion Marketing book signing event that’s coming up soon? Here are the details:

Who: Author Sara-Beth Cole

What: Novel release and public book signing

Where: Second Story New and Used Books, 17920 E. 10 Mile Road, Eastpointe, MI 48021 (586)773-6440

When: Saturday, May 24, 2014, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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