What is a site survey and why do I need one?

by | Jul 27, 2020

An imperative component of signage installation is the site survey. It does not matter whether you are interested in exterior or interior signage (or both!); it is vital to have a survey conducted. 

New and old sign inserts for an outdoor sign

A site survey enables us to gather all of the critical information we need to ensure that the installation is successful.  Skipping this vital step means you’re cutting corners, which can lead to costly problems later down the line. With that in mind, we’re going to run you through some of the vital details we gather during a site survey so you can understand why this is so critical and the value it will bring you.

What information do we gather during a site survey?

Here is a rundown of the details we accumulate during the all-important site survey:

Storage and accessibility

When we visit a customer’s site, one of the principal goals is to determine the accessibility of the space. This enables us to determine how we are going to go about the site installation. For some sites, accessibility is easy. However, for others, there are hurdles that need to be overcome in terms of getting the pieces of signage to the installation location.  We may also need to assess storage options if the temporary storage of items is required. 


One of the reasons why the site survey is essential is because it gives us the chance to take numerous photos from different angles.  These photos are used to show our team the room or building’s structure, surfaces, features, and possible obstructions. 


A site survey enables us to determine what materials are going to work best in your space. We have received many requests for materials that simply aren’t going to work on some surfaces. Our survey enables us to provide you with expert advice on what sort of material would be best.


We will assess the lighting in the location where the signage is going to be installed to ensure it is adequate.


A Wall Mural for Dental Works

Color-matching is a critical part of every custom signage project. Not only do we need to ensure that the signage matches your corporate branding, but we consider the colors in the room in question so that we can ensure the signage fits in perfectly. 

Accurate measurements 

We will measure every surface to make sure the new signage will fit the required space.  Often, customers will over or under estimate the size of signage needed for a particular wall or surface. Our service ensures the signage is the perfect size for your requirements. 

Tools, equipment, and hardware

Site surveys are also vital to determine if any special hardware, equipment, and tools are needed. This is often the case for complex jobs.  To give you an example, sometimes cones are going to be needed so traffic can be redirected. We sometimes need a vertical lift for some projects as well. Without a site survey, we won’t be able to determine what sort of equipment will be required for the job. 

Surface quality

An installer cleaning the surface perforated window graphics will be applied to.

When applying different types of signage, especially wall vinyl, the quality of the surface is imperative.  It is, therefore, critical that we carry out a site survey so that we can determine whether or not the walls are ready for the signage to be installed. If there are any parts of the wall that could cause issues in terms of adhesion, we will be able to point this out to ensure it is rectified before the installation begins.

Added value

Last but not least, site surveys offer tons of value to the customer as well. This gives us the perfect opportunity to answer any queries that you may have.  We can also offer expert advice based on the location and your signage goals. This will ensure that you make the most of your space and that you benefit from the best possible signage for you.

Contact us to book a site survey or for more information

As you can see, there are a number of important details that we will gather during the site survey. This helps us to have all of the information we need so that the site installation is effective.  Although we charge for site surveys, we will then discount the cost of the signage project. If you would like more details about this or you would like to book a survey, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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