Managed Website Hosting + Admin Services

Good news for you! When you choose Fusion as your hosting provider, you can rest assured that we’re keeping an eye on everything for you—not some overseas support center. You invested lots of hard-earned money into a beautiful website, so don’t trust just anyone when choosing an admin for your website. Read on and learn about the different features and protective measures we offer to our website hosting clients.

Fusion admins your website.

We built your website, so naturally, we will know how to take care of it. We complete all website admin work for our hosting clients in-house—no worrying about security issues from offshore support.

24/7 web ticket creation

We have a neat web ticket feature that we custom-built for our hosting clients. You can open tickets whenever you like, and we will address them accordingly. We’re pretty quick and usually tackle them within a business day, but please note that we’re human, so sometimes they may take longer. So, if you’re in a spot, open a ticket and drop us a call or email, and we will jump on it for you.

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Daily, weekly, and monthly cPanel backups

We will back up your cPanel (that’s where your website lives) 1x per month. We also back everything up 1x per week. And to be sure, we run backups daily too. We use Amazon servers to store all of our backups. So, rest assured, we take every measure possible to keep you protected.

Dedicated servers in Virginia

As for our servers, we keep them in Virginia. The servers are in a data center with 24/7 monitoring and climate control. Pretty cool, right?

Up to ten email accounts

A lot of other companies will ping you for every little thing. But, as you know, we don’t play games, so you get up to 10 email addresses at no additional cost. Just let us know what you need and we will set it up for you.

5-minute uptime monitoring

Uptime monitoring is a pretty cool feature. We started doing this for our internal websites and eventually decided to offer it to all of our clients at no cost. Essentially, we use a program to check your website every 5 minutes to make sure it’s up and running as it should be. If something is amiss, then we are notified, and someone from our team investigates.

Web development

An hour of free website development is probably the most favored feature we offer with our website hosting packages. When you have an active hosting subscription, you get an hour of web development at no cost. We can add pictures, make new pages, update products in your store for you, and just about anything else you need.

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Monthly reporting

We send a few different reports every month. Our reports highlight all of the different things we have done over the last month. They include but are not limited to uptime monitoring, blacklist monitoring, and more.

SSL certificate

SSL certificate is the type of certificate required to secure an individual’s or company’s website. It indicates that the site is encrypted and will protect any information entered on it. Again, many companies charge you hundreds of dollars per year for an SSL, but we include one at no cost. Furthermore, every website on our server has an SSL, so there is no worry of having ‘bad neighbors’ when you host with us.


We build a lot of websites at Fusion and because of this we purchase bulk licensing whenever possible. When you host your website with us we include any product licenses we have access to at no additional cost to you so long as you are a client of ours. At the time of writing we are currently providing each hosting account with ~$1,030 in licensing per year. This number does not include traditional costs associated with SSL or email addresses.

Blacklist monitoring

Website blacklist monitoring is the process of checking a website’s URL against a list of known malicious websites. Of course, we keep an eye on everything, so you don’t have to. If you get listed we will do our best to find out why and resolve the issue without you ever needing to lift a hand.

Virus monitoring

There are different types of server monitoring. The kind that we offer is virus monitoring. Essentially, the purpose of this type of monitoring is to scan for viruses and malware on your website. We do this daily using multiple programs, so there is no worry about any of that.

Virus removal

If we find something that shouldn’t be there, we will remove it for you. If it’s something over our head, we will have a partner remove it at no cost to you. Our virus removal services are probably the most overlooked feature we offer. Since we offer this to every website on our server, you can have peace of mind knowing that every other property is also squeaky clean.

Grandfathered pricing

As costs increase, so do our prices because, well, because math. But one of the best things about all of our hosting packages is getting locked into a price when you sign up. Our clients from 7+ years ago have received all the bells and whistles we’ve added over the years at no additional cost. It’s just one more perk of working with us. So, if you plan on being in business for the long haul then you just might want to lock in your rate today.

No contracts

Contracts are cool and all, but we don’t like the idea of holding people hostage. That’s why we avoid contracts whenever possible. Our thought is that if you do a good job and treat people fairly, there is seldom a reason to go elsewhere. We’re also happy to say that after almost 10 years this business model is sustainable and our reviews agree.


In the article written above, we discussed some of the features that we at Fusion Marketing offer with our website hosting packages. In particular, we expanded on the main benefits of all of our hosting packages. Our packages include web development, uptime monitoring, blacklist monitoring, and more. One of our best features is being able to lock in pricing without contracts. Customers who signed up for hosting many years ago get all the added benefits without any additional cost so sign up and lock in your rate today.