In the olden days, not many people practiced dentistry, therefore, opening a dental clinic and putting an ‘open now’ notice on the door was enough to ensure a good flow of patients into the facility. However, nowadays, things have changed, the dentistry field is characterized by cut-throat competition. Therefore, old age marketing strategies such as quality services and a good reputation alone do not cut it anymore. Implementing modern marketing strategies is paramount for any dentist who wants to cut a niche for themselves and increase their patient base. Most dentists avoid marketing their services because they may be busy attending to their existing clients or they are just unable to cover the marketing costs owing to the many operational costs of running a private Michigan dental practice. The good news is that marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are the ten effective and cheap ways to promote your dental business and survive the stiff competition in the field:

1. Email marketing

Email marketing has been found to be an effective marketing technique in the business, world and therefore the dentist field will be no exception. It facilitates instant communication and saves businesses money that could have been spent buying postage and printing letters. Obtain email addresses of your customers and send them newsletters or remind them to come in for their appointments.

2. Create a website

In this day and age, a business that does not have a website could be missing out on its marketing potential. A website helps businesses to explain to consumers what they offer and how their services or products can help improve their lives. It also help businesses to create awareness about their existence to internet users who may be searching for a local company to meet their needs. As a dentist, a website will be essential for the growth of your business. Ensure that your website has a mobile-friendly design so that you can reach a wider audience and possibly get more patients than before.

3. Start a blog

A blog is an effective marketing tool because it gives businesses an opportunity to show consumers that they are an authority in their field. As a dentist, you should create a blog and post fresh and high quality content regularly. Your bogs should be informative and useful to your existing and potential customers.

4. Utilize Facebook and other social media platforms

Social media has become quite popular in the recent years and taking your dental practice to social media platforms will help you reach a large audience and thus create awareness for your business. Updating content is not enough, make sure to engage the audience as well and give your profession a human face.

5. Practice proper communication skills and office appearance

Good communication skills have a way of endearing to people who are the recipients of that communication. Make your business premise a haven of positive attitude, etiquette and professionalism. Treat patients with respect and leave them with a good impression about your business especially during their first visit. Make eye contact when talking to patients and do not make them feel foolish for asking a question. Do not misjudge patients and assume that they might not afford certain treatments due to their appearance rather present them with all the treatment options available and let them make their decision on which one they can afford comfortably. Always attend to your patients at the appointed time and charge them fair treatment fees. Your staff should also be courteous to every patient who walks in to the dental care center. When it comes to the premise appearance, you should ensure that the waiting area is nice and organized. Display posters of the services you offer dental practice. Ensure that the waiting area is clean and user-friendly as possible. You may do this by providing Wi-Fi, a water dispenser and toys for children.

6. Target marketing

Target marketing (also called “Niche Marketing“) involves narrowing down your online marketing efforts and only focusing on the segment of the market to whom you intend to sell your services. As a dental practice, you may be offering a specific service that targets a certain demographic, age or income range. Target marketing will help you achieve that.

7. Use video to market your practice

Videos are a great way of marketing any kind of business especially one that requires demonstrations. Its effectiveness stems from the fact that it is a visual medium and it has an ability to engage the audience. Taking advantage of this style of marketing can help a dentist display his expertise to consumers or just show the audience a tour of your office.

8. Internet marketing

Implement Search Engine Optimization on your websites and blogs to increase traffic and ensure a good search engine result position for your site. You should also take advantage of pay per click services to generate leads and convert them to sales.

9. Referrals

Encourage your customers to refer their families and friends to your dental office. The good old word of mouth is still an important method of advertising today.

10. Take part in community activities

Participate in social activities in the community where your office is located because doing, so it will help you meet many people. You can also sponsor local events such as donating branded items and setting up a booth among others.

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