There are many ways in which businesses utilize email marketing. Oftentimes, sites will include a ‘Subscribe Here’ button in which a user will enter his or her email address and click to receive newsletters, instant coupons, sale information and the like. Many sites even require a user to create an account with an email address before allowing access. This ensures the company has the customer’s email right off the bat.

Other notifications serving as marketing tools can be emailed to users. If a customer begins placing an order on a shopping site, but abandons the cart before finished, the site can send the customer a nudge over email, reminding him or her that there are items in the cart so there’s a chance they will complete the transaction.


Email marketing can be a very successful tool for writers. If a writer is hoping to sell a book, he or she can build a webpage and include an option to subscribe, or use analytic sites to track visitor and capture email information. Site users are likely intrigued by the content the writer produces, so online newsletters can be sent out periodically to each visitor until the book is scheduled for release. Again, autoresponder sites can be used. The writer can create all of the needed content ahead of time and schedule when this should be sent out.

Many retailers send their customers coupons over email. It’s a win-win. This allows the Michigan business to capture the customer’s contact information and in return, the user will receive discounts. Grocers, such as Kroger, also provide an option for shoppers to enroll online in a rewards program and load coupons automatically from the site onto their rewards card. When in the store, the shopper need only to bring these items to the check out, scan the card, and the discounts are applied instantly.

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