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Project Details

Client Pain Points

Our client had a custom-made drawing to honor a retiring staff member, but unfortunately, the artwork was pixelated, hindering their ability to print it in full color while remaining cost-effective. The client desired high-quality DTG shirts that displayed the unique design, but the existing artwork quality was a significant obstacle.

Fusion’s Solutions

At Fusion Marketing, we were dedicated to finding a fitting solution that not only met the client’s requirements but exceeded their expectations. After thoroughly analyzing the client’s pain points, we decided to convert the pixelated artwork into a crisp, vector format. This enabled us to print the beautiful DTG shirts in full color while maintaining the original design, bringing the image to life. In addition, we implemented silkscreen printing to incorporate the client’s logo onto the back of the shirts, ensuring that their brand stood out in every aspect of the design.

Project Outcome

The result: everyone loved the final version of the shirts, and they couldn’t wait to wear them proudly at the job site. The high-quality DTG shirts not only provided a fitting tribute to the retiring staff member but also helped to strengthen the bond among the team and showcased the client’s commitment to excellence. The shirts quickly became a cherished item for everyone involved, and the excitement to wear them on the job site was palpable.

A Success Story Worth Sharing

At Fusion Marketing, we are proud of our ability to tackle challenges and deliver results that make our clients happy. By transforming the client’s pixelated artwork into a stunning, vibrant tribute, we helped the team create a memorable token to honor their retiring staff member while further promoting their brand.

Custom Clothing

You're looking for a partner to print your shirts and clothing. You've done some research online, and you're not sure which printing method is best for you. At Fusion Marketing, we offer Silkscreen, DTG, Embroidery, and cut and sew sublimation. We can help you choose the right printing method for your needs and budget. With decades of experience in the printing industry, Fusion Marketing has the knowledge and expertise to help you create beautiful printed garments that will exceed your expectations.

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